The Custom Common Field enables you to customize the information for task in the Card View by adding the custom fields in the card.

It gives you the flexibility to customize the attributes of the card. Depending on the requirement the customization can be done at the Admin level as well as at the Board level.

Using the Custom Common Field feature, you can perform following configuration related to custom fields:

  1. At an Admin level, add a custom field which is common across all card types. You can also set the field type, input method, icon, and other details for that Custom Common Field.
  2. At a board level, take a call whether you want to show that custom field on the Card View. So, you have a choice of showing that field in one board, and hiding in another

Adding Custom Common Fields at the Admin Level

These Custom Common Fields which are created at the Admin level can be shared across all the boards.

  1. Click the Organization  icon > Admin > Settings.
  2. Click the Custom Common Field icon The Custom Common Fields page is displayed.

  1. To create a common field, click the Create  Common Field icon from the side toolbar.
  2. In the new field, enter the following details:
Fields Description
Field Label Name of the Custom Common field
Field Type
  • Single-Line Text: Textbox for entering a single word or small phrases.
  • Multi-Line Text: A text area for entering unlimited characters.
  • Regular Text: A text area for entering text, numbers, symbols, or spaces.
  • Integer: Number with no fractional parts.
  • Decimal: This number system has ten as its base.
  • True or False: Boolean values
  • Date: Values related to year, month and days.
Mandatory Decide whether you want compulsory input for that particular field.
Disabled Hide the field from the card by selecting Yes from the drop-down. By default, it will be No.
Input Method Manual Entry of values
Master List Once you select the Input Method as Static List, this field will be activated, and the drop-down values will display all the Master Lists. Select the desired Master List from the drop-down and set its Default Value.
Default Value Based on the Master List you have selected, the related default values will be displayed as a drop-down value. Select the most appropriate default value.
Include in List View If you want to add fields in Card List View, then select Yes from the drop-down.
Field Icon It is a symbol or indicator that will help you identify a particular field. Click the edit view under Field Icon to get a list of icons. Select any one icon from the list that will best define your field.
  1. After adding each Custom Field, click on the Save icon from the side toolbar.
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