Configuring Card Types on Work Board

Your organization may have card types other than the default card types created in the application. With a Manager role on the board, you can enable the card types on the Work Board. These will be listed in the List of Card Types view.

To view the Card Types that are available for your Board, go to the List of Card Types view from the Work Board by clicking the Board Editor icon and then the Card Types icon on the Board Editor view.

From the List of Card Types view, you can:
Enable/Disable Card Type on the Board
Change Card Type Color
Create Default Task Templates
Create Card Type (Account Admins only)

Enable/Disable Card Type on the Board

To activate the card type, go to the Work Board and click the Board Editor icon on the side toolbar. In the Board Editor view, click the Card Types icon on the side toolbar.

From the List of Card-Types view, click the check box for the required card type. If you want to enable all card types for your Work board, select the check box on the column header.

You will now see the card type in the list when adding a new card, and also the legend in the Legends menu on the board on navigating to your board again.

To deactivate a card type for a particular board, navigate to Work Board>Board Editor>Configure Cards and on the list of card types view, clear the selection for required card type. Clear the check box on the column header, to deactivate all the card types at one go.

Note: You won’t be able to deactivate a card type if cards of that card type are available on the board including the backlog board.

Change Card Type Color

To change the card type color for your board, double-click the card color in the Card Types view and select a color from the color palette. On returning to the board, the new color is seen for the card type.

Define Default Task Templates/Predefined To-Dos for Card Types

The Default Task Templates is a useful feature for a team who has a set of pre-defined Tasks for particular work type. After the manager creates a To-Do list, these appear by default when a card of that type is added to the board. Team members have to just update the To-Do status for the To-Do they work on. To create a default To-Do list for a card type, see Predefining To-Dos for Card Type help.

Managing Attributes

Using the “Manage Attributes” tab under Card Settings, you can select and deselect the attributes to be displayed for a particular card type at Board level. By default, for each card type the attributes are kept selected.

As per your requirement, you can come to this tab and configure the attributes by deselecting the attributes that you wish not to display for the particular card type.

Note: The factory shipped attributes and mandatory attributes cannot be deselected.

The attributes that you select or deselect in this tab will be available throughout your Board. For example, in card pop-up, in filter, legends, card listing, export-import, and REST APIs.

Create Card Type

With an Admin role, you can create a card type from a Work Board, besides creating from the Admin > Settings view. On creating a card type from the board, you can enable it for the board, change the card color and define a default To-Do list for it. However, to define the layout, List view, custom fields, etc., you will have to configure the card type from Admin > Settings view.

To create a Card Type, if you are on the board, click the Board Editor icon, and then click the Configure Card Types icon on the toolbar in the Board Editor view.
Now, click the Create icon in the List of Card Types view. Enter the Card Name, etc. Note that the export process for cards will fail for Ms Excel export if the card type name contains any of these special characters – [ ]? / \ *. This is a limitation of Microsoft Excel that it does not accept worksheet names containing these characters.
Select the card color from the palette and click Submit.

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