Sort Cards in the Work Board

To sort cards as per an attribute of the card, click the icon on the side menu and from the popup that appears, select an attribute from the Sort drop-down. Click Apply to implement the sorting preference.

You can decide to sort the cards in ascending or descending order by selecting the appropriate Sort Type radio option. To save the sort preferences for the next login, select the Save Sort option.

Sort Cards in the List View

You can sort cards in the List view (For example, from the Selected Board » Cards » Backlog) based on any column name by clicking the column heading.
For example, to sort the backlog based on Rank, click the Rank column. The first time it sorts in an ascending order. If you click again, the backlog is sorted in descending order of the Rank. The arrow on the column heading indicates whether the backlog is sorted in ascending or descending order of the column.

Highlight Cards using Legend

You can use the Legend feature in SwiftKanban to highlight cards based on the selected attribute’s values. The Legend highlights the cards of the selected Attribute’s Values and helps you analyze how many cards of the selection are on the board.

  1. Click the Legend icon on the side toolbar.
  2. Select the required card attribute and then select its values.
  3. The cards of the selected values are highlighted on the board.

You can also select the color in which the value would be highlighted by double-clicking the small color box beside the Attribute’s value and selecting your choice of color through color pallet as shown below. Moreover, you can also view the existing color applied to the attribute value and the new color that you have selected.

To apply the chosen color to the attribute value, click Save.

To remove the highlight or rollback to original colors, click the Reset button.
Note: The color-picker doesn’t work for Card type as their colors are set at the admin level. You can change the attribute, by directly clicking other attribute and its value.

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