Card Data Analyzer at the Board Level

1.To access the Card Data Analyzer at the board level, go to Board menu > Lean Analytics. On the Lean Analytics page, navigate to the Card Data Analyzer.

2.Select the table or chart format from the drop-down list.

3. Select the summarization method such as count, average, sum from the drop-down list.

4. To plot the table or chart, drag and drop the required attributes to the Row and Column level.

5. You can further refine the data by selecting the specific values of an attribute. To filter and select the required values, click the arrow icon in the attribute box that you have dropped into the row or column, select the required options, and then click OK.

6. To save your current table or chart with the applied filter, click the Settings icon, enter the filter name in the Save As New section, and click the Save icon.  You can access the same table or chart later by selecting that name from the Select Filter header.

7. To view the analytics for a specific period, click the Settings icon, enter the Start and End date under the Filter Criteria, and then click Apply.

8. To modify an existing table or chart with specific filter criteria, select the same from the Select Filter section under the Settings menu, make necessary changes, and then click the Save button under the Save As New section.

9. To delete the table or chart, select the filter name from the Select Filter section, and click the Delete icon

10. To export the table into Microsoft™ Excel, click the Export icon.

Note1: From the exported table, you can click any of the card ids to indicate the card in the SwiftEASe application.
Note2: The export option is available for tabular graph only.


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