After the administrator adds you as a user in the application, you can log on and update your Profile summary such as, Name, Alternate email Id, etc. and other personal details. The primary role is what the administrator assigns to you for accessing the application, which cannot be edited.

You can view your profile summary or change your password quickly by just clicking on your name on the top-right corner of the application. This view also shows your profile picture if you have set it.

Upload your Picture

To change your picture, click Change Photo below the picture in the Profile view. Browse through the file on your system and click Open. The image is visible in the Profile view and also along with comments appearing in the application.
It is recommended that you upload an image of resolution 72 dpi and within the dimension-Width:110px and Height:110px.

In the Profile view, you can:

Edit Your Profile

You can edit your personal details and profile, but not your login Id. To edit the profile:

  1. In the Profile view, click the Edit icon on the side toolbar at the left. The fields in the view are now editable.
  2. Add or make changes to your profile summary, personal details, location and so on. You can provide an alternate Email Id, if available so that you can choose to receive board notifications to this Email Id, preventing clogging of your primary Mailbox registered to log on to SwiftEASe.
  3. You can also add comments and attachments for your information.
  4. Click the Save icon in the toolbar.

Setting Location

It is important that you define the work location in your Profile. It helps the users to view the locations wise distribution of people under a particular ART in the Team Map analytics. To know more about this analytics, see the Team Map  Help page.

To set your location,  perform the following steps:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the application. This view also shows your profile picture if you have set it.
  2. Click your name from the menu option. The Details tab of your profile page is displayed. 
  3. From the side toolbar, click the Edit   icon.
  4. Under the Personal Details section, select your location from the drop-down.

Note: We can also set the location of multiple users from the People menu. To know more click here.

Setting Time Zone

To track activities with respect to your local time, you can set the application time to your time zone. The time stamp generated for an activity log will help to relate events happening in your project and also view metrics based on a specific time zone. See Time Zone Preference for more details.

Add and Reply to Comments

To add comments, scroll to the Comments section in the Edit view. Click the Add Comments icon, enter your comments and save. The comment is displayed along with your name, time and date stamp. As you add more comments, they get displayed above the previous comment.

To reply to a particular comment, click the Reply button for the comment. If there are more replies, click the Collapse icon to hide the replies to comments. You can expand them later.

Add, Download, and Delete Attachments

In the Edit view, scroll to the Attachments section. Click Add, browse the file, and then click Open. The file attached will be listed in the Attachments section.

To download the attachment, select the file from the list, and then click the Download icon. Select the Save File option and browse to select the folder to download the file on your system. Alternatively, you can just open the file in the appropriate application.

To delete the attachment, select the file from the list, and then click the Delete icon. To confirm, select Yes in the Confirmation window. The file is removed and no longer listed in the Attachment section.

Change Password

  1. In the Profile view, click the Change Password icon on the side toolbar at the left.
  2. Enter your current password.
  3. Enter new password. Password should have at least seven characters and one numeric value.
  4. Enter your password again to confirm.
  5. Click Submit. 
  6. Click OK on the Confirmation message after the password is changed successfully.
  7. You can also change your password directly from the Change Password link on the Profile pop-up that appears on clicking it.

View Activity Log

The Activity Log lists the activities that have happened in Profile such as you may have changed your picture, address, etc. The log displays the date and time stamp when the updates were made.

To view the Activity Log, navigate to your Profile from the top-right menu link and click the Activity Log tab.

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