Track the board activities such as cards added and moved, owner changed, WIP limit violated, card blocked, etc. by clicking on the Activity Log icon on the Side toolbar.
For every action on a card, the log displays, Card ID, Card Type (User Story, Defect, or Issue), Name of the Card, Card Action (Movement, Blocked, Unblocked, etc.), and other details of the action.

For offline analysis of the board activities, export the Activity Log by clicking the Export icon in the Activity Log view. The entire log file is exported by default, which is in CSV format. Enter the file name and click Submit.

You may want to view and export specific activities, for example, updates made by a particular person to User Stories. Click the Filter icon on the Side toolbar, and filter the log selecting/entering the values in the Filter boxes. When exporting, select ‘Export only filtered Items’ in the Export Options list and export.

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