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This covers all the release information and link to the individual What’s New articles.

What’s New 5.11

2020, has been a year of slowing down, taking the time and retrospecting on the past and more importantly living the present, it gave us a wonderful opportunity to pause and appreciate all that we took for granted, it taught us to love our loved ones a little more, cherish what we have as the […]

What’s New 5.10

Introduction We hope you are at home, healthy, and safe! In this release, we help you monitor the progress of the Lean-Agile programs effectively with a brand new dashboard. The Agile Program Management dashboard provides key insights on how the program is progressing in terms of the scope and timeline commitments. It also gives visibility […]

What’s New 5.9

Enhanced the Analytics at Board Level Similar to the drill-down option available in the Card Data Analyzer and Flag Data Analyzer at the Organization level, you can now use the same drill-down listing option at the Board level for both these analytics.

What’s New in 5.8

Enhancing the Card Transfer Feature Similar to the Card Owner, while transferring the card from one Board to another, now the To-Do owners will also be transferred (provided they are in the target Board) with all details like estimated, actual and remaining effort, and To-Do state. If the To-Do owner is not present on the […]

What’s New in 5.7

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others. To make this celebration much more joyous, we have brought a new REST API and some important enhancements in the Card Transfer feature in this release. Let’s get to know […]

What’s New in 5.6

Enhancing the Timesheet Report via the New Layout We have added a new layout in the Timesheet Report that promptly generates the timesheet data, especially for a longer date range. Similar to the Card Data Analyzer, this pivot-based layout lets you drag-n-drop the required attribute to the row or column and generate the voluminous data […]

What’s New in 5.5

Renaming Progress Field Attribute to Manual Percent Progress For better understanding and to relate the Manual configure preference set on the Progress field of a card type, we have renamed the Progress field attribute to Manual Percent Progress.

What’s New in 5.4

Using Tags As A Filter in PI, Sprints, and Planning Event You usually tag a card with any label to be able to retrieve the card later using those tags via the Search or Board Filter. Now, you can filter cards in the PI, Sprints, and Planning Event view even by tags as we have […]

What’s New in 5.3

Enhancing the Way You View the Card Type-Wise Progress of Child Cards Earlier, if the Show CardTypeWise Progress on Parent card admin policy was On, then the card type-wise progress of child cards used to be visible and persisted on the parent card. Now, if the policy is On then a newly introduced icon, Card […]

What’s New in 5.2

Introducing New Admin Policy Earlier in the parent-child hierarchy, the Estimate Points of the child cards used to get aggregated and rolled up to its immediate parent card automatically. So, the Estimate field in the child cards used to be editable, but the same was read-only for the parent card. Now, we have introduced a […]