What's New

This covers all the release information and link to the individual What’s New articles.

What’s New in 5.2

Introducing New Admin Policy Earlier in the parent-child hierarchy, the Estimate Points of the child cards used to get aggregated and rolled up to its immediate parent card automatically. So, the Estimate field in the child cards used to be editable, but the same was read-only for the parent card. Now, we have introduced a […]

What’s New 5.1

Integration with MS Teams If you use MS Teams, you can now have your favorite SwiftEASe Work Board open in one of its tabs, just a mouse click away. No more navigating to a separate browser to check what you are supposed to be working on, next! Imagine collaborating with your team on Teams AND […]

What’s New 5.0

SwiftEASe goes bigger and better with the 5.0 release. With this release, we are delighted to announce some exciting new features that truly enhance the core competencies of a Lean-Agile team and help it achieve true business agility. Beginning with a refreshing new UI in Card layout, user-friendly Card Designer, better, to more effective Portfolio […]

What’s New in 4.15

Controlling the PI and Sprint View in Burndown Widgets Now, get better control over your PI and Sprint Burndown widgets as you can decide to view data for open PI and Sprints only. Just click the slider button and view the open ones only. Zooming In/Out Cards of Story Mapping Board Separately At Each Level […]

What’s New in 4.14

Create External Work Request Directly from Your Outlook Mailbox Now, it is easy to raise a work request received from end-users in your MS Outlook Desktop application. We have introduced an MS Outlook Plugin option in the External Work Requests feature. When you use our Plugin, it pulls information from the selected email and pre-populates […]

What’s New in 4.13

Enhancements in External Work Request Now, it has become easier to fill the External Work Request form. We have extended our capability so that default values can be set for any input text fields as per your business needs. For example, you can set a default the Name and Email Address at the time of […]

What’s New in 4.12

Viewing Frequency Distribution Chart in Percentile We have enhanced all the Frequency Distribution Charts ( Cycle Time, Work Time, Wait Time and Blocked Time) that now enable you to visualize percentiles in the histogram. Once you enter the percentiles (in comma-separated values) in the Confidence Interval field and apply on the chart, the vertical dotted […]

What’s New in 4.11

Knowing the Done Date of a Card from the Card Listing Earlier, you had no way to know the Done Date of a card from the card listing and had to go through the card details to get that information. To ease that process, we have added another column, called Done Date in the All […]

What’s New in 4.10

Introducing Capacity Planning To facilitate better planning and optimization of human capital, many organizations do a “plan-ahead” to help to scenario planning and what-if analysis. SwiftEASe Capacity Planning enables the team to do exactly that. Given the available Capacity across Teams and ARTs and work prioritization as per WSJF (outside the system), SwiftEASe helps you […]

What’s New in 4.9

Introduction We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We’re happy to inform you that the development of SwiftEASe has not dropped pace. In this release, we have introduced a new Admin Policy related to Board deletion, enhanced the TeamMemberService REST API and copy swimlane feature. Read on to know […]