Information related to Settings

Enable/Disable Planned Dates for Card Types

Bulk update to Enable/Disable Planned Dates for Card Types To enable or disable the Planned Start Date and Planned Finished Date for card types that are used to track the Planned duration in the Agile Program Management dashboard, perform the following steps: Go to Admin >> Settings  Click the Enable/Disable Planned Dates for Card Types icon on the […]

Working with Card Designer

The card designer allows you to configure attributes and icons with a better look and feel. To go to the Card Designer, navigate to Admin > Settings > Card Designer. The first row of the card shows fixed attributes like the Card ID, Title, Profile Pic, Options, and three flags and actions. The second and the […]

Creating Custom Common Field

The Custom Common Field enables you to customize the information for task in the Card View by adding the custom fields in the card. It gives you the flexibility to customize the attributes of the card. Depending on the requirement the customization can be done at the Admin level as well as at the Board level. Using […]

Enabling Admin Policies

Display Card Estimates in Some teams prefer to work out estimates for work items in ‘Story points’ while others in ‘Days’. In SwiftEASe, an account can define one Unit of Measurement (UoM) for estimation across boards. As an administrator, once you define the UoM, it will be used to capture the estimated effort when adding cards on Work […]

Defining Links Between Card Types

Card Type Links feature lets you link card types to indicate dependencies/relationships. Thus, when cards are created on the board, only cards of these card types can be linked to each other based on these settings. For example, by linking a user story to a defect, you can later, trace the origin of a user […]

Creating Master List

Master Lists are used to create a field which will contain certain attributes related to this field. There are a few default Master Lists such as Class Of Service with values such as Expedite, Fixed Delivery Date, Standard Class, and Intangible Class. You can create your own Master Lists with the list of values (LOVs)based […]

Deleting Card Type

You can delete a card type only if it is not used on any board i.e. you have not created a card of the card Type in your backlog or on the board. To delete a Card Type, select the Card Type and then click the Delete icon on the toolbar (see option 2 in the […]

Creating Card Type

The Issue, User Story, and Defect are the default card types available on the Work Board. You can define custom Card Types based on the business need. To create your own Card Type, perform the following steps: Navigate to Admin > Settings. On the Card Listing page, click the Create icon. Enter the Card Name. Ensure […]

Managing the Settings

As an Account Admin, you can define important settings in SwiftEASe from the Settings view. The settings are inherited onto the boards such as Card Types with the configuration and links, Master Lists, Board Templates, and Admin Policy (optional settings for application behavior). To define the settings for your SwiftEASe account, go to Admin > Settings […]