Working with Roadmapping (Beta)

*** This is a licensed feature. Please contact us at [email protected] to know how to avail it. Overview While working on a board, a program manager often works on more than one board initiative (like themes and epics). While developing objectives parallelly, it becomes challenging to keep track of their planned duration, deadline, and resources. Also, if any […]

Work Type Distribution Widget

Using the Work Type Distribution widget, you can view the distribution of card types in a hierarchy or those tagged to a Release or Sprint. Based on the card instance (Epic, Theme, User Story, and so on)  or delivery cadence (Release or Sprint) selected in the Filter panel, the circular chart (resembling a donut chart) […]

Workitem Size Widget

Overview The workitem size widget provides you a hierarchical view of your workitems/cards so that you can analyze the size of different types of cards in a hierarchy. This widget offers you a visual comparison of the relative sizing of all the cards in its hierarchy having estimate points. The hierarchy of workitems is represented […]

Team Distribution Widget

Overview By using the Team Distribution widget, you can view the geographical distribution of the team members working on a board, initiatives like Theme, Epic, Release, or Sprint. It is really helpful, especially for the Resource Manager, if the users across multiple countries or cities are collaborating to deliver the work. It represents the number […]

Predicted Date Widget

Overview The Predicted Date Widget provides a visual depiction of how and in what quantity workitems/cards are getting added to the scope and also getting completed. This helps you track the performance of the card and how close you are to completing the cards as a whole. The widget provides a predicted end date to […]

Timeline Progress Widget

Overview While working on large products, a product owner often works on more than one board initiatives (like themes and epics in our case). While developing big initiatives parallelly, it becomes challenging to remember their scheduled duration and deadline. Also, if any feature is getting delayed for some reason, then it becomes difficult to measure […]