Build Your profile

After the administrator adds you as a user in the application, you can log on and update your Profile summary such as, Name, Alternate email Id, etc. and other personal details. The primary role is what the administrator assigns to you for accessing the application, which cannot be edited. You can view your profile summary […]

Defining ART

The Agile Release Team or ART is a high-level aggregation of Agile teams and operates as a logical consortium of cross-functional Agile teams, which, along with other stakeholders, develops and delivers solutions incrementally, using a series of fixed-length Iterations like Sprints within a Program Increment (PI). As SAFe® describes, ARTs “are organized around the enterprise’s […]

Managing People, Roles and Teams

For a SwiftEASe account, an administrator needs to create users so that these users can be assigned a SAFe® role and allocated to various work boards. Once the administrator creates users and assigns a primary role, they get an invite to access the application, after which the user can start working on the board. According to […]