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Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring

One of the key success factors of the Lean Budget is to seamlessly assess its progress for a portfolio and evaluate the overall performance of its Themes and Epics during a certain time range. The Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring analytics helps you achieve that goal by showing the individual transformation of Epic and Theme […]

Tracking Lean Budget

The Lean Budget Report provides the Planned, Allocated and Actual cost values for ARTs and Teams across PIs in a tabular format. The cost calculation considers the user stories tagged to PI and Teams and ART as its base and renders the comparative analysis of the actual vs. planned. Understanding the Aggregation factor Before we […]

Planning Your Lean Budget

Once you have defined the conversion factor for various workitems, you can then navigate to the Plan Budget page to allocate the Planned Budget in the chosen currency for the ARTs or teams. Navigating to the Plan Budget page To navigate to the Plan Budget page, click the Board menu > Lean Budget > Plan […]

Defining the Currency Conversion

Each enterprise funds a SAFe® portfolio to support the development and management of a set of solutions, which further gets allocated to the individual value streams. With the Lean Budget, you can define the budgeting mechanism at any of the SAFe® levels and also establish the cost relationship between the workitem types like Theme, Epic, […]

Enabling the Lean Budget Module

To use the Lean Budget module, you must first enable it in the Admin Policy. To enable it, perform the following steps: From the Organization  menu, navigate to Admin > Settings. On the Card Listing page, click the Admin Policy  icon on the side menu. On the Admin Policy page, select the checkbox for the […]

Understanding Lean Budget

Lean budgeting empowers the decentralized decision making in managing the budget and fund allocation of an enterprise in a Lean-Agile way. Contrary to the traditional project management, the Lean Budget aims at funding the Value Streams instead of project, approving the epic-level assignments and dynamically controlling the spending by observing the aggregated cost at a […]