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Defining Card Hierarchy

SwiftEASe allows defining of a parent-child relationship between different cards to define a hierarchy. This can be useful in situations where the larger (the parent) cards need to be broken down into several smaller (the child) cards for better planning and execution. This entire Card Hierarchy approach in SwiftEASe is through a visual interface that […]

Configuring Card Types on Work Board

Configuring Card Types on Work Board Your organization may have card types other than the default card types created in the application. With a Manager role on the board, you can enable the card types on the Work Board. These will be listed in the List of Card Types view. To view the Card Types […]

Old Card Anatomy

The ‘Card’ layout in SwiftEASe is designed to fit your most generic requirements, giving you maximum information on the card.  Let’s take a quick look at the card anatomy. Accessing the features using Icons: We have organized the icons such that most frequently-used features are quickly accessible as icons. SwiftEASe presents you a clutter-free, yet […]