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Working With Cards On Work Board

Work board is the central place to execute your work based on your own workflow, where your work is visible as it flows while limiting work-in-progress. The Work Board is a powerful and flexible real-time Work board for executing projects based on visual management. It is designed such that it gives you visual cues to […]

Card Listing

Introduction Other than viewing the cards in the Work Board, you can also view them in the list format. The Card listing page in SwiftEase helps you monitor cards in a group and view their status, estimates, priority, or any other attributes By default, the List view displays the cards on the Work Board. You can select to view […]

Applying Flags on Cards

SwiftEASe offers you five different flags as listed below; you can use one or more as appropriate: Manual: If you want to simply highlight a card for discussion. Risk: If you identify risk with a card. Issue: If you identify an issue with a card. Block (or Blocker): If you are stuck for any reason while […]

Printing Card Details

The printing feature gives you the capability to share your card details in a PDF format. The PDF Content is displayed in the format as in the Details view of the card. By default, the PDF file name is as per the card ID. You can open it to view only or save it on […]

Predicting Completion Date for Cards

It is business critical to have a clear idea about when you are likely to complete a given piece of work before you commit a date for it. Sometimes, the date may be given to you and you are required to get back on whether it will happen or not. Similarly, you might be working […]

Defining Links Between Work Cards

SwiftEase lets you establish the link between cards to indicate dependencies or relationships using the ‘Linked Cards’ feature available on the cards. The links can be internal (on the same board) or external ( across boards). For example, after you set the relationship between a user story to a defect, you can later trace the […]

Tracking Card Progress Using Portfolio Lane

The Portfolio Lane is a special type of a Smart Lane that you can use to visualize and manage card. The two key features that the Portfolio Lane provides are: Use of the horizontal axis to depict progress completion of cards.  So, a card which is further down the right side of the portfolio lane […]

Card Field Editor

Card field Editor has been designed in a tabular format to ease the process of adding or modifying attributes for a card type. After you add a Card Type, you may add and modify card attributes by double-clicking the card type from the Card types list(Admin >> Settings). The Card Field Editor is divided into […]

Working with To-Dos

You can add tasks, or better known as To-Dos for a card to break down work into smaller manageable units. Card Owners can add and manage their own set of To-Dos, estimate effort and report progress against the To-Dos. You can track the progress of To-Dos based on Status or Effort. To add tasks/To-Do to […]

Create a Card

Cards are fundamental units in SwiftEASe. You can create cards in 3 different ways : Adding a Card through Board Menu Adding a Card through Side Toolbar Quick-Add Card Adding a Card through Board Menu To create  a card, perform the following steps:  Goto your Work Board, select Cards>All Cards from the Work Board menu. Alternately, […]