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Understanding Work Board Levels

Before you create a Work Board, it is important to understand the different levels of SAFe® that you can define and configure in SwiftEASe. Each of your boards in SwiftEASe represents one of the SAFe® levels. They are configured to give you out-of-the-box artifacts like templates, value-streams, and card types as per the SAFe® 5.0, […]

Creating Work Board

SwiftEASe focuses on Visual Management. All work execution happens on Work Boards. All the term Work suggests value is created as work progresses on these Work Boards. The value stream is defined on these Work Boards. You can define Value Streams that align with SAFe® 5.0 that is compatible with 4.5 and 4.6 and SAFe® […]

To-Do Board

To-Do’s are the integral parts of a Work Card, as it empowers you to break down the bigger task into granular elements, and then prioritize, collaborate and deliver those smaller tasks on a regular basis so that the parent task gets completed on time, every time. The To-Do board is a one-stop shop for individuals, […]

Personal View

Being a part of different Work Boards, you might be assigned to various cards.  You might have an important release knocking at your door, or an important notification being pushed to your inbox. You might also be interested to know your work allocation based on various parameters like Card Type, Priority, Size, Rank, Release, and […]

Board Activity Logs

You can use the Board Activity feature in SwiftEASe to view the activity logs of both active and inactive cards on a Work Board within a stipulated period. This feature helps you monitor the card-wise status of a board for a particular period. However, using this feature, card activities that are older than 15 days are shown […]

Board Playback

SwiftEASe’s unique Board Playback feature allows users to play back the Work Board for a past time period and observe patterns of flow. It actually animates a playback of the changes like the deck of cards flying through card getting created, cards being assigned to people, being pulled and getting archived. Selecting a date range […]

Viewing Board Calendar

SwiftEASe Board Calendar is very useful feature that helps you to track a production schedule of your work. It is helpful for time-starved managers to run through the To-Do calendar for tracking the schedule, visually. The Board Calendar needs due dates to be designated to cards so that it creates value and smoothens the flow […]

Configuring Board Policies

To enforce better collaboration and compliance of the established processes, you can define additional policies for movement of cards on the board. 1. To activate the policies, navigate to your Work  Board, and click the Board Editor icon   on the side  toolbar. 2 .In the Board Editor view, click the Board Policies icon on the toolbar. Various policies […]


You can create your product backlog from the Backlog which can comprise of  Card types or any custom cards you created. You can then push the cards from the backlog onto the Work Board to work on them. You can add a card to the Backlog in the following views: Backlog View Backlog Board on […]