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Sorting and Highlighting Cards

Sort Cards in the Work Board To sort cards as per an attribute of the card, click the icon on the side menu and from the popup that appears, select an attribute from the Sort drop-down. Click Apply to implement the sorting preference. You can decide to sort the cards in ascending or descending order by selecting the […]

Activity Log for the Work Board

Track the board activities such as cards added and moved, owner changed, WIP limit violated, card blocked, etc. by clicking on the Activity Log icon on the Side toolbar. For every action on a card, the log displays, Card ID, Card Type (User Story, Defect, or Issue), Name of the Card, Card Action (Movement, Blocked, […]

Refreshing Work Board

Sometimes, you may have your Work Board on your desktop but may not be performing any activity. However, your team mates may have made some updates such as pulled a card, or added a comment, or even blocked a card. The Work Board is refreshed by default and shows the changes immediately after they are made. However, […]

Work Board

Work Board is the central place to execute your work based on your own workflow, where your work is visible as it flows while limiting work-in-progress. The SwiftEASe Work Board is a powerful and flexible real-time Kanban board for executing SAFe® projects based on visual management. It is designed such that it gives you visual cues to […]

Board Editor

SwiftEASe provides a highly configurable Work Board designer using which you can map your value streams in terms of lanes and columns of the board, define WIP limits for columns and track your work entirely using various features available on the Work Board. When you create a new board, it comes with a default board […]

Filter Cards

With too many cards on the board, you may find it difficult to focus on specific cards. You can apply filters such as Resource or other attribute values to focus specific cards on the board. The cards can be filtered in Work Board or ListView. Board Filter You can use the Board Filter option on […]

Board Chat

Get into a general discussion with your team-mates within SwiftEASe using the Board Chat feature. Board Chat helps to have a quick conversation in context with the Kanban board. Click the Board Chat icon on the toolbar. You can check who is online, which is indicated by the profile images of members appearing in the Chatbox. Type […]

Understanding Work Board Levels

Before you create a Work Board, it is important to understand the different levels of SAFe® that you can define and configure in SwiftEASe. Each of your boards in SwiftEASe represents one of the SAFe® levels. They are configured to give you out-of-the-box artifacts like templates, value-streams and card types as per the SAFe® 4.0,  […]

Creating Work Board

SwiftEASe focuses on Visual Management. All work execution happens on Work Boards. All the term Work suggests value is created as work progresses on these Work Boards. The value stream is defined on these Work Boards. You can define Value Streams that align with SAFe® 4.0 and SAFe® 4.5/4.6 recommendation using SwiftEASe templates OR you […]

To-Do Board

To-Do’s are the integral parts of a Work Card, as it empowers you to break down the bigger task into granular elements, and then prioritize, collaborate and deliver those smaller tasks on a regular basis so that the parent task gets completed on time, every time. The To-Do board is a one-stop shop for individuals, […]

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