Configure Multi-Select Option

To configure a multi-select option in a custom common field perform the following steps: 1. On the Admin Settings page, click the CUSTOM COMMON FIELD tile. The Custom Common Fields page is displayed. 2. To create a common field, click the Create  Common Field icon from the Side toolbar. 3. In the new field, enter the […]

Configuring Card % Progress and Child % Progress

Overview In real life, the progress of a task may be determined by a combination of factors – such as the progress of its sub-tasks, its progress along a specific workflow, or a combination thereof. To help you model such real-life scenarios – as well as to better visualize it using the Portfolio Swimlane or […]

Understanding SwiftEASe Account and Instance

A SwiftEASe Account is the first step of your registration. Every organization is identified with one account. The procured license for SwiftEASe applies to the entire account. All users of this organization are created under this account. One account can have multiple SAFe® instances. Creating an Account The first step towards creating an account is […]