Kanban Project Management - Managing Projects With Kanban

How Can I Manage Multiple Projects or Business Functions With Kanban?

Kanban for projects – Most projects and business activity have a ‘flow’ or a ‘process’ (comprising steps or phases) that is used to produce the end-product or service.


At any time, a project or business function can have numerous deliverables in-progress, at different stages of the value stream. Kanban can be used for keeping track of all work-in-progress in a visual and easy-to-understand manner that provides a common or single view of the ‘current state of affairs’ to anyone interested to know (the ‘stakeholders’).

Some other examples of flow (or value stream) in projects/ business functions include:

  • Software projects: Spec -> Dev -> Test -> Release
  • Software Projects Lifecycle
  • Marketing Campaigns:
  • Kanban Marketing Campaigns
  • Recruitment Function
  • Kanban Recruitment Function Board

There are numerous other examples of business functions and activities that can benefit from Kanban –

  • Insurance – New Policy Setup, Policy Renewals, Claims Processing
  • Legal – Case Management, Client Setup, Document Manage
  • HR/ Personnel – Recruitment, Job-Req Tracking, Employee-Onboarding, New Policy Rollout

All of these can be managed using an online Kanban board for easier and more effective tracking of progress

Additional questions you may have –

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