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We understand that you have a wide range of tools you use in your business – productivity and collaboration tools, project management, reporting and ALM tools as well as commercial tools such as HR and Financial Systems as part of your ERP and CRM ecosystems. So, we have ensured that you have a wide range of integration options to help your teams easily connect the Digite product(s) of their choice to other tools they use on a daily basis.

Slack With Digite
Collaborate Seamlessly Using Slack

If your teams use Slack, SwiftKanban fits right in! Using the skbot app for Slack from Digite, easily connect your team’s Slack channels to specific Kanban boards in SwiftKanban.

Simply search and install the skbot from within Slack – and you are up and running within minutes. Add cards to your Kanban board from Slack. Add comments to specific cards you discuss with your teammates in Slack. You don’t have to leave your Slack channel to simply update your Kanban board!

Slack Integration

Ms Team With Digite
Manage your Kanban Board within Microsoft Teams

Ms Teams

Work with MS Teams? You will love our integration with Teams. Your SwiftKanban boards are now available directly as a tab on Teams. You can add and move cards, comment, update details and more, without ever leaving Teams.

Additionally, you can also use the SwiftKanban commands for MS Teams to add or move cards on your Kanban board or add comments to the cards, from any of your Teams channels!

Zapier With Digite
Connect with your Favorite Productivity Tools using Zapier

SwiftKanban now connects with over 2000 productivity, collaboration and a variety of other tools using the power and simplicity of Zapier. Automate your workflows and simple tasks across multiple tools – just “Zap” them with Zapier.

Create a card on your Kanban board by adding a new row in Airtable. Add a comment on a card in SwiftKanban by sending an email or adding a task on Gmail or Outlook, or by pushing a message on Slack. Create recurring tasks on your Kanban board by integrating your calendar. The possibilities are endless! We will keep adding more SwiftKanban (and other product) actions that can be triggered via Zapier. If you have a suggestion, let us know!


Connect with Key Enterprise ALM and Work Management Tools with SwiftSync


All the Digite tools can connect with the top ALM, IT/ HelpDesk and DevOps tools using our SwiftSync integration layer. SwiftSync includes a set of technologies and connectors so you can easily and seamlessly integrate tools such as JIRA, MS Azure DevOps/ TFS, Rally, ServiceNow, GitHub and numerous others.

Setup 2-way integrations to enable your teams to work in their tool of choice, while leveraging DIgite’s products for critical tasks such as Lean/ Visual Portfolio Management, Roadmap Development, PI Planning, and gain visibility on the end-to-end flows within your organization, with all of the enterprise dashboard capabilities of SwiftEnterprise and the Flow Metrics of SwiftKanban and SwiftEASe.

Open/ Published API

Digite also provides a full set of API for all its products to help you connect home-grown apps as well as 3rd party apps where there are no connectors available.

We have a published API for SwiftKanban and SwiftEASe, that you can use yourself to build the connectors you need for your collaboration or reporting needs. For SwiftEnterprise, our services team will help you build the integrated solution using SwiftSync or SwiftEnterprise integration layer.

Swiftsync Api

We also provide plugins for:


Our Eclipse plug-in provides one-stop access to information in your workflow without leaving the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse plug-in can be used by developers/team members who regularly use Eclipse IDE for application development. It provides an instant access to the SwiftEnterprise artifacts within the Eclipse interface assigned to user.

Microsoft Outlook 

You can now use the familiar Microsoft® Outlook (MS Outlook) interface to view your work-items and contacts. You can view the items such as requirements, change requests, etc. and contact details. Workitems are displayed in the Tasks pane and contacts in the Contacts pane in MS Outlook. From MS Outlook, you can also route and reject the work-items assigned to you.

Microsoft Project

Our seamless integration with Microsoft® Project (MS Project) provides comprehensive scheduling capabilities that enable a project manager to create project schedules using both, SwiftEnterprise and MS Project. This allows you to harness the power of  scheduling capabilities of MS Project known to most of the project managers, and the robust integrated project management capabilities of SwiftEnterprise.


Using the integration of SwiftEnterprise with GitLab, you can access the GitLab site within the application itself. Moreover, there is a dedicated segment on the workitem that shows the Git logs related to it, so that you have an understanding of what all have been committed and pushed to Git for that workitem without navigating Git web console.

Visual Studio

Our Plug-in for Visual Studio provides one-stop access to information to your work-items without leaving the Visual Studio IDE. Our connector for Visual Studio provides your work item artifacts within the Visual Studio interface to view and update Inbox items and enter effort for the tasks. This reduces task-switching and improves team productivity.

Pie Chart

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