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Here is an overview of what’s new in the SwiftEnterprise 7.9 release.

We hope you are at home, healthy, and safe! In our recent releases, we introduced new capabilities that help you build and track Agile programs effectively as well as enhanced our team level Agile execution capabilities.

In this release, we focused on bridging the gap between these two levels by helping you estimate your work and plan its delivery to the business with the guidance of past performance. The Agile Estimation Board helps you quickly size your work using the Relative Sizing technique whereas the new Release Planning Board helps you plan work for upcoming releases. You can also start exploring ways to improve your productivity by creating zaps of your other favorite tools with SwiftEnterprise on Zapier! Along with these, we have made several usability enhancements across the application to make your overall experience better.

Agile Estimation

It’s important that Agile teams spend just enough time estimating workitems in order to decide the sprint scope with confidence. Traditional hour based estimation doesn’t fit this purpose well as it requires considerable time to analyze the work in-depth to derive the estimates. That’s where T-Shirt sizing and story points based estimation techniques help you do estimation efficiently and effectively.

Agile Estimation

We have introduced an Agile Estimation board that employs the Relative Sizing technique so that you can size workitems easily. You can set the T-Shirt Size of the workitems by simple drag-n-drop in the relevant T-Shirt size bucket and also set corresponding story points against each T-Shirt Size. Once you have enough cards sized, the range and the average number of cards having that size are also available so that you can make an informed decision on sizing new workitems.

Release Planning

While Sprint Planning helps an Agile team define the scope of work to be completed as part of their Sprint, Product Owners need to work with the business stakeholders to define capabilities that need to be delivered as part of the releases. This not only helps align the business goals with the delivery teams but also works as important guidance when it comes to prioritizing work for the subsequent sprints.

Release Planning

The new Release Planning board helps you plan for the upcoming releases in order to achieve important outcomes from the business perspective. It also helps you plan future releases by providing average of last 3, best 3 and worst 3 releases in terms of workitem count and story point estimates as guidance. Along with this a tree map helps you assess this at a glance when you have done story points based estimation.

Zapier Integration

Have you ever wanted to create a card in your project based on an email you received or a google task that you had created? With Zapier integration, now you can do just that. Zapier supports over 2000 applications and SwiftEnterprise is now one of them! So, apps that you have been using separately can now be integrated with SwiftEnterprise to boost your productivity!

For example, you can automate workitem creation every time you receive an email from your users and place them under a labeled folder for an important enhancement or issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Similarly, you can perform other actions when you integrate SwiftEnterprise with other applications via Zapier by creating Zaps to automate repetitive tasks.

Other Enhancements

  • Simply drag-n-drop the edge of the planned bar to plan a workitem easily in the Roadmap widget of the Agile Program Management dashboard.
  • Bring cards to the desired lane on the Execution Board directly while adding new & existing cards on the board.
  • Assess progress of multiple teams working in parallel by selecting multiple sprints in the Sprint Burndown widget.
  • Select multiple values easily for multi-select fields in exported XLS.
  • Automatically delete unwanted data in the ECR Rules segment. NOTE: Refer to the Release Notes for details of the impact due to this enhancement.

Previous Releases


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