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27 June 20

In this release, we have introduced a plugin so that one can raise External Work Requests directly from the MS Outlook mailbox. We have also enhanced other areas of the application to improve its overall usability and reliability.

Product Enhancements

Create External Work Request Directly from Your Outlook Mailbox

Now, it is easy to raise a work request received from end-users in your MS Outlook Desktop application. We have introduced a MS Outlook Plugin option in the External Work Requests feature. When you use our Plugin, it pulls information from the selected email and pre-populates the Title, Description, Name, and Email address fields in the External Work Request form, thereby leaving only the remaining details to be added. This results in faster work request creation.

Story Mapping

Workitem Details Now Sync Back to Card in Story Map

Managing workitems using the Story Map has now become easier with the synchronization of workitem details between the card in the Story Map and the same card seen in other areas of the application. Now, updates made to the Name, Description, Release and Sprint of a workitem in other areas of the application are reflected in the Story Map as well. Thus, ensuring the details seen on the card in Story Map and the same card seen in other areas of the application are always in sync.

AI-Powered Capabilities

AI-Powered Features Are No Longer BETA. From this release, AI-Powered features – Similar Workitems and Auto-populate are no longer BETA.


Set or Delete Calendar Exception via REST API using Leave Reason

From now on, you can set or delete a calendar exception by passing the “Leave Reason Code” and “Leave Reason Name”in the CalenderService/setUserCalendarExceptions and CalenderService/deleteUserCalendarExceptions REST APIs.

Supported Browser

As informed earlier, from 1st July 2020, we will stop supporting IE 11 as it is not up to modern web standards. From now on,

Previous Releases


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