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05 Mar 2019

This release is packed with several visual and usability enhancements that provide a seamless experience. In the Backlog Refinement board, you will now be able to see the progress made by the Themes in a glimpse! On the Mobile front, you can now drill down to the next levels of your dashboard widget and also view widgets having Heatmap & Radar charts. Along with these, we have enhanced other areas of the application and Mobile App.

Progress Visualization for Themes

While you groom your backlog items, it is important to have a big picture of the progress Themes have made so far. This helps you focus on the backlog items that needs to be groomed first so that it can be taken up for upcoming sprints. The new progress bar visualization for Themes helps you do that in a glimpse. This can be seen even when you group by other important attributes like Customer or Priority that helps you get better visibility of the progress.

Backlog Refinement

Planning Board Revamp

  • Backlog Refinement board is the revamped version of the Planning Board available in Agile projects. It was released in SwiftEnterprise 5.3 with a provision to turn it on. This should help you assess and roll it out smoothly.
  • In our next release, Backlog Refinement will automatically replace the Planning Board. In case you haven’t tried it out yet, we encourage you to refer the Releases Notes to enable and try out the new Backlog Refinement board.

Mobile App

Swiftenterprise Mobile App

The visually rich information charts like custom Radar chart and Heatmap built with ECR can now be viewed on your Mobile App.

  • Tap on value in table or double-tap on chart to drill to next level of the widget.
  • Toggle between Chart and Table view of the dashboard widget.
  • Add & log time on a Global item from Timesheet module.

Other Enhancements

  • GIT Configuration eForm introduced for ease of GitLab integration.
  • Mandatory Radio buttons fields too have a blue underline.
  • Export Pivot Analytics in XLS format.

Previous Releases


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