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04 Feb 2019

This release brings to you new features & enhancements to help you run Agile projects better. The new Backlog Refinement board helps you manage the backlog from the time it gets groomed, prioritized and eventually allocated to a Sprint. Monitoring Agile projects too has become easier with the help of new settings for the Agile widgets on the Dashboard. We continue to build on our AI capabilities with the introduction of In-App Chatbot and make our BOT more capable to deal with varied scenarios through the Bot Trainer and support for new intents. On the integration front, you can now integrate with GitLab and also collate important statistics about the Git commits at project level in Pivot Analytics. And you now view the powerful dashboards widgets at Project and Organization level on your Mobile App.


The backlog view brings the same convenience of grouping the workitems based on Themes & Epics and other attributes of your Backlog items but without limiting the number of backlog items seen at once. At the same time, you get a visual indication of how much of that group is pending, in-progress and completed to make a better judgement of required prioritization. Once you have groomed the necessary workitems, simply move them to the Groomed Backlog view.


Groomed Backlog

The Groomed Backlog is the repository of workitems across all Agile workitem types that have been detailed for development. The Pie chart gives you a quick view of the overall spread across workitem types while the common list view helps you see them together with their common attributes for further sorting. From this list, you can prioritize the workitems that need to be considered first for development by moving them to Sprint Planning view.

Groomed Backlog

Sprint Planning

The is the view that helps you plan the shortlisted workitems for the future sprints. As you drag and drop workitems to the Sprint panel, its capacity and the workitem distribution chart updates. The average velocity statistics are also available for reference so that you can load the sprint accordingly. Once you have planned the workitems for the Sprint, you can launch the Execution Board so that card owners can choose cards they wish to work upon and plan ToDos for card completion.

Groomed Backlog

NOTE: Backlog Refinement board will replace the Planning Board in near future. Refer to the Releases Notes to enable & try out the new Backlog Refinement board.

New Settings for Agile Widgets

Dynamic Settings for Agile Widgets

New settings are provided for Agile widgets to automatically plot them for the current release and sprint. This way, you don’t have to manually change the release and sprint selection as the project progresses. Similarly, you can define a dynamic range Release Velocity, Sprint Velocity, Testing Status Trend widget settings.

Dynamic Settings For Agile Widgets

Burndown Chart of Working Days

For the burndown and burnup widgets, we have introduced an option to exclude the non-working days as per the project calendar. This will provide more accurate guidance for the burndown improvement required to avoid probable spillover.

Burndown And Burnup Charts

Chatbot (BETA)

Chatbot Enhanced

Along with the standard intents of Greetings, goodbye, inbox, a new intent has been introduced that gives you the count of workitems or sum of number based fields. Also, it seeks confirmation and suggests relevant values in case the provided value doesn’t match. All this is made possible through the Chatbot Trainer that work towards mapping the intents with the intended entities through continuous training.

Swiftenterprise Chatbot

In-App Chatbot

Additionally, you can interact with our new in-app chatbot in the same manner as the Slack-based chatbot. The in-app bot helps you perform standard actions without having to navigate to the relevant pages in the application.

In-App Chatbot

GIT Integration

SwiftEnterprise can now be integrated with GitLab. You can access the GitLab site within the application itself. To further ease the usage we have a dedicated section on the workitem(s) that shows the Git logs related to it. You can also view the Git commit details in the Pivot Analytics to help you understand the nature of commits like number of lines modified, deleted, added in a better way.

NOTE: GIT Integration is available as an add-on module.
Contact your Support team for more details to try it out.

Git Integration

Mobile Dashboard

We have introduced the Dashboard module in the mobile app so that you can view your project and organization level dashboard widgets on-the-go.

Dashboard Module In The Mobile App

Other Enhancements

  • We now support <, >, &, = special characters in ECR data entry columns.
  • Default Agile Dashboard Pages & Agile widgets are now available at PT level.

Here is the webinar recording explaining the features and enhancement of this release:

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