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03 Oct 18

We are back with another release packed with several enhancements in the area of Agile, STaRT, and Mobile App. Filtering cards of different card types on the Execution Board has now become easier through the availability of common and card type specific attributes in the filter panel. Batch Editing of tasks is a breeze with the introduction of column level filters and improved batch edit capability. And you can now update the remaining effort against your Tasks & ToDos via Homepage as well as the Mobile App.

Powerful Filter Panel on Execution Board

Finding relevant cards on the Execution Board becomes easier with the powerful new Filter panel. Now, you can filter cards based on the attributes that are not only common across the card types but also specific to each of the card types on the board.

Execution Board Filter

Define Filters for Your Team

You can now store the filter criteria with a name so that it is available for reuse to you as well as other team members. Similarly, it can be modified and deleted when not required.

Execution Filter

Filter Tasks in STaRT Plans

You can now swiftly view as well as update the required set of tasks in your STaRT Task plan with the column based filtering being made available just like it is on workitem list.

Team Filter

Batch Editing of STaRT Tasks made Simpler

It’s now easier to select and edit the multiple tasks in the STaRT Task plan with the help of checkbox and a separate icon to apply the new value provided against the attribute.

Filter And Batch Edit

Update Remaining Effort for Your Tasks & ToDos

You can now update the Remaining Hours for the Tasks & ToDos via the Time Entry in-line action on your Homepage. This is applicable for Web and Mobile App.

Homepage Time Entry

Integration Adaptor Enhancements

  • Unassign resources from a project with the «TeamUnassignmentInt» adaptor.
  • Build master list relationships and modify the parent & child association between the master list values at the organization, process template, and project level.

Other Enhancements

  • Field slots preserved for eForm fields when imported afresh.
  • Import Log UI enhanced to show the field slot mismatch warnings if any.
  • Know the changes by viewing Version Difference against the activity log itself.
  • Classification between team members and virtual users in resource group view.
  • Parent details shown on click of workitem ID in Parent column in timesheet view.

Mobile App Enhancements

  • Time Entry grid enhanced to be in-line with timesheet module.
  • Reason for disabled timesheet cell shown by tapping on it.
  • ADFS Authentication is now supported for the Mobile App.

Here is the webinar of SwiftEnterprise 4.5:

Previous Releases


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