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01 Aug 18

This release brings you key usability enhancements in the area of Agile, Dashboard, and Mobile App. You can now assess the impact of the changing team size on the work completed in the sprints with the enhanced Sprint Velocity widget. For the work getting spilled over from the current sprint, you can create a card easily from the Execution Board itself. And you can now update your profile picture even from the Mobile App. Along with these, there are several other enhancements that make working on the dashboard, execution board and application in general whole lot easier.

See the Impact of Varying Team Size on Sprint Velocity

When your team size varies from sprint to sprint it becomes important to know how it is impacting your overall sprint velocity. To understand this, we now have an option to see the team size (as line graph) in the context of the sum of story points delivered each sprint (as bar graph). This gives additional dimension to assess the sprint velocity better.

Sprint Velocity Chart

Other Dashboard Enhancements

  • Export all widgets on the Dashboard page in Excel, Word, or PDF file.
  • Chose data label as Percentage, Value or both to be shown in the Pie Chart.
  • Track the Burndown Chart for a Sprint/Release in an Agile project’s dashboard.

Add Card for Spillover Work

The new «Add Spillover Card» option on the card not just copies the card details but lets you copy other data like Open ToDos, Attachments and Comments from the original card. Most importantly, it allows you to revise the Estimate of the original card and provide the Estimate for the remainder work on the new card.

Spillover Card

Other Execution Board Enhancements

  • Copy an existing card to get a new card with same details.
  • Flag icons settings now available in the eForm configuration export.

Update Your Profile Picture from Mobile App

Swiftenterprise Mobile AppNow you can update profile picture for your account from the Mobile App. Select a photo from your mobile’s photo gallery or take a new one using your mobile.

Other Enhancements

  • New optional parameter in WORKFLOWSTAGEACTOR function to handle workflow member with timelogs.
  • Get action (A, M, C, or AC) from GETEVENTDETAILS ECR function upon XLS import of workitem(s).
  • Search Bar is now available up front and the last 10 searches are displayed on click.
  • Search for the required values in eForm column listing filter.
  • Singapore Dollar now supported for currency field type.

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Previous Releases


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