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19 Dec 17

We have packed a special SwiftALM 2.5 release with lots of goodies in the area of Agile and Mobile App. To help you plan better, Sprint Velocity widget has been introduced for your Agile projects and usability enhancements are done in the Planning & Execution Board. Along with these, there are many other enhancements that will give you a richer experience.

What’s New in SwiftALM 2.5?

Track your Sprint Velocity in Agile Projects

To help you plan your sprints better, a new Sprint Velocity widget is available on the Planning Board and as a dashboard widget in Agile projects. The summary on top of the chart gives you insight about your average velocity across All, Last 3, Best 3 and Worst 3 sprints; while the trend line helps you gauge the linear progression of the velocity.

Sprint Velocity In Agile Projects

Planning Your Sprints Made Easier

You now get dedicated views of the Backlog and Releases & Sprints through the panel toggle on top. The expanded views will help you see more details in the list view and clicking on the workitem ID will open the full details of the workitem. In addition to this, you can now add Release, Sprint or Workitems right from the Planning Board without losing context and additional navigation steps.

Kanban Planning Board

View Your Workitem Details on Mobile App

Checking the details of the workitems assigned to you while on-the-go just got easier. You can now view all field sections of your workitem through the «Details view» in-line operation of the workitem on Mobile App.

Improved Visualization

Continuing with our goal to improve the application visualization:

1) 2 new color themes (Marshala & Emerald Green) for the application

Improved Visualization

2) Dial Chart updated with new visual to show metric value prominently.

Dial Chart

3) Improved About Us page with links to What’s New and Supported Software.


Other Enhancements
  • Agile eForm standard fields have been renamed for consistency
  • Ability to export ECR Widgets published to Dashboard (in New UI)

Ecr Widgets

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