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Digité July 2019 Newsletter

Artificial Intelligence is impacting all industries. Everyone seems to be talking about Machine Learning nowadays (check ‘ML’ on Google Trends). And our realm of Project

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Digite June 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features Story Points, Estimates and Due Dates. And a decent primer on the ever controversial, at least in the Agile Software development

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Kanban vs Scrum

Digite May 2019 Newsletter

A recent study reported that 37% of the developers they surveyed used Scrum, 21% had an Agile-waterfall hybrid and 20% used Kanban. Another interesting finding

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Digite April 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter covers the topic of Kanban, providing insightful articles on applying Kanban to a traditional SDLC process, using Upstream Kanban for backlog grooming,

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