Process Becomes a Breeze in Tampa at SEPG North America!

Posting a conference report from Mike Amend who is a Senior Director, Business Development based out of US. 

Digité definitely led the wave of Process Improvement on the beautiful shores of Tampa Bay. Although, I can assure you our feet never had the time to touch the beautiful sands of the pristine Florida beaches! Our time was overwhelmed with interested parties from the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and parts unknown (California?). Even though this was SEPG North America, the rest of the world was very well represented!

Digité attended and exhibited at the 20th Annual SEPG North America, March 17 – 20. The reception of our solution to those most interested in Process Leadership was extraordinary! These people knew the importance of process, but also knew that the supporting pieces of our holistic solution solved many of their common issues that doomed the best-honed process. Vision from our Project Portfolio and Management piece of our solution, coupled without completely integrated Collaborative Software Development pieces (Requirements, Change, Document and other IT Management needs) provided the support to monitor, measure and enforce process throughout the Enterprise. They were AMAZED they could get this all from one, web-based tool! They had all been forced to use lightly interfaced point-solutions that did not work well together – even if all came from the same vendor! Because we were so different, Digité was a BIG hit!

The show was attended by Ram Subramanian, Mahesh Singh, Mike Amend and Rahul Kapoor. As usual, the four of them traveled quite well together and found the food of the Tampa area exceptional! Mike and Mahesh judge the culture of any destination by the quality (and quantity) of the cuisine at the best Thai Restaurant in the area! They were pleased to say that Tampa Thai is some of the best (and most abundant) they have enjoyed outside of Thailand!

Next year, the SEPG conference will be hosted by San Jose and I am sure that Digité will make the grade again as one of the Premier stops within the Exhibit Hall for those interested in Process Improvement and Governance within the Application Lifecycle Management of the Enterprise.

We look forward to seeing you there!
-Mike Amend


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