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Kanban ESP Cadence Adoption

ESP Compared to Kanban Method

ESP Compared to Kanban Method At the most fundamental level, ESP was necessary to provide a container for the collection of things we were teaching that were beyond kanban systems and beyond the scope of the Kanban Method. These were the things that enabled the optimal and effective use of kanban systems – topics such as: probabilistic forecasting and statistical analysis; qualitative risk assessment; real option theory; connecting strategy to operational mechanisms such as Kanban capacity allocation; and so forth. ESP represents a system of management for an entire professional services business.

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Lean Software Development

Tales of LeanThe term Lean Software Development was first coined as the title for a conference organized by the ESPRIT initiative of the European Union, in Stuttgart Germany, October 1992. Independently, the following year, Robert “Bob” Charette in 1993 suggested the concept of “Lean Software Development” as part of his work exploring better ways of managing risk in software projects. The term “Lean” dates to 1991, suggested by James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Roos, in their book The Machine That Changed the World.

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Kanban and Offshore Development

Kanban LeanI am often asked by conference attendees whether Kanban can be used with distributed and offshore teams. It seems that those newer to Kanban concepts are fascinated with pictures of white boards covered in sticky notes, or walls with index cards pinned to them representing work-in-progress (WIP). There seems to be a common assumption that Kanban started with collocated teams doing Agile software development. While some people can see the benefits of limiting WIP even for offshore or distributed teams, it isn’t obvious how it is achieved.

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