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The Official Kanban Guide

The Official Kanban Guide

This guide is intended for people who are new to Kanban and interested in learning about the basics of the method. Our hope is that this guide provides an easy entry into the vast Kanban body of knowledge.
Software Testing

Acceptance Testing: The What and Why

This article will fill you in on acceptance testing. What it is and why you need it. As well as the types of acceptance tests and when and how to perform them.
Story Mapping

¿Qué es el mapeo de historias? | Historias de usuarios ágiles | Crea un Story Map

Story Mapping in Agile explained. You’ll learn what it is, why you want to do it, and the steps you take to do it. With examples.
Behavior Driven Development

Desarrollo Dirigido por el Comportamiento o BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

Learn what Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is. How it helps create useful software and meet business goals. And find out what’s involved in doing it.
Sprint Burndown

Burndown Chart: What It Is + What It Does & Doesn’t Tell You

Learn what a burndown chart is. Its advantages and limitations. What a burndown chart can tell you about how you’re progressing and what it can’t.
Team Work

Definition of Done – The What and Why and How to Grow One

Learn what a Definition of Done, DoD for short, is, how to benefit from it, what mistakes to avoid, and how to grow and adopt one successfully.

Introducción a Kanban

Hay una enorme cantidad de recursos disponibles en Internet y algunos libros excelentes que se han escrito en Kanban.
Kanban Board

¿Quién puede usar SwiftKanban?

Si usted es un software o un equipo de TI / Ops, un Gerente de Proyecto / equipo o una función comercial como RR.HH., ventas, marketing, adquisiciones.
Simple Kanban Board

Wait! Is Kanban RIGHT for you?

While Kanban is certainly “easy” to get started with, it has a lot to it that needs to be understood and adopted in a gradual manner, in order to truly benefit from it.
Building Blocks

Iterative and Incremental Development

Iterative development, incremental development, it’s hard to keep them straight. This article will tell you what they are and what benefits each brings. And you’ll also learn about their place in Agile Development.
Kanban Glossary

Kanban Glossary

This is the Glossary page of commonly used Kanban terms.
Why Use Swiftkanban?

Why use SwiftKanban?

SwiftKanban helps teams during the early Kanban adoption phase as well as during the phase of scaling when distributed teams need to be engaged.
Kanban Board

What is a Kanban Board?

A Kanban board is a tool used by teams that use the Kanban method for continuous improvement in their work and processes.

What is Velocity in Agile?

Velocity in agile terms means the average amount of work a team can complete in one “delivery cycle” – typically a sprint or a release for Scrum teams or a time period such as a Week or a month for Kanban teams.
Kanban For Devops

Kanban for DevOps

To some, DevOps is a culture, to others it’s a software development methodology on its own. Here’s our take on the discussion.
Kanban Development Board

User Stories: What They Are and Why and How to Use Them

This article digs into Agile user stories. You’ll learn what they are and why and how to use them. You’ll also find out what makes a good user story, how to write them, and how to use them in development.

Unit Testing: A Tutorial on What It Is, How To Do It + Tools To Use

Reading this article you’ll learn what unit testing is and what characterizes a unit test. You’ll find out their purpose and benefits and learn about the best practices and common pitfalls of unit testing.
The Best Of Kanban Tools - Swiftkanban

The Best of Kanban Tools – SwiftKanban

Kanban is all about visualization and SwiftKanban does this best by providing a powerful WYSIWYG board editor that makes modelling.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Learn what test-driven development (tdd) is and what it is really about. You’ll also learn what advantages it gets you and how to do it. And, because test-driven development is harder to do than to explain, you’ll get a short list of the best resources to help you improve.
Sustainable Pace

Sustainable Pace

Sustainable pace sounds like a luxury you can’t afford, but in this article you’ll learn how sustainable pace is actually a necessity if you want to keep delivering value with predictable regularity.