Digité, Inc. - Security Policy

Security is the core part of Digite products.
We assure that your data is safeguarded with state of the art architecture.

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Enterprise Security for the Enterprise Products

Security is the core part of Digité products. We assure that your data is safeguarded with state of the art architecture.


Enterprise Security



Digité offers enhanced protection for their users, with each layer of your data secured in the cloud with world-class hosting and encryption solutions. At rest and in-transit.

Shift-Left Security

Shift-left Security

Security consideration starts at the design phase with threat modeling, then continues at the development phase with SCA, SAST, DAST and all the way till production with RAST.


Single Sign-On

Digité seamlessly integrates with the identity provider of your choice, using the most secure standards, like SAMLv2 and ADFSv3.


High SLA

Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees the availability of our platform/ services whenever it is required with proper support and assistance from our end.

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture

Digité secures access to its network, application, and cloud through a concept called Zero Trust Architecture. With never trust, always verify principles.

World-Class Data Centers

World-class Data Centers

We ensure that your data is highly secured in the cloud through reliable SAS 70 certified data centers, for USA and Europe regions.

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