Ushering in the New Year with SwiftKanban 3.5.1

SwiftKanban - Archive, Move multiple cards

Hello Folks!
We thought we’d begin the new year with a few features that will improve the experience for you in terms of usability.

Archive/ Move Multiple Cards in one go!

You can now move multiple cards with a single click. Just right-click on any lane header to archive or move all cards in that lane. CTRL + click will let you select a set of cards and right-click will let you move only these cards selectively.

Swiftkanban - Archive, Move Multiple Cards

Re-design your Cards

Continuing with our theme of adding more configurability in SwiftKanban, you can now customize the appearance and order of Card attributes as they appear on the Kanban board. You can separately design the kanban card for each board. If the Card is defined at the Organization level, these changes will be inherited by all new boards. However, if the changes are done at the project level, the new changes will reflect, overriding the enterprise settings.

Swiftkanban Card Designer

Some other updates you’ll notice –

You can now transfer a card from one board to another and avoid manual re-creation of cards to allocate work across boards.

You can now select more than one card while creating a Parent-child hierarchy or set links between cards. Just click to select one or more cards and hit the ‘Add’ button to link multiple cards in one go.

We are sure you will like the improvements. Here’s hoping this year is happier and more productive than the last! As always, we have exciting features lined up, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected] or you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page.

(You will find the release notes here along with some helpful screen-shots.)


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