SwiftKanban Features Update – July 2014

SwiftKanban Analytics Tag Cloud

We have just updated SwiftKanban with some great features we’re sure you will like. We’ve incorporated a number of customer suggestions with this update and have introduced powerful new capabilities to help you manage your Kanban/ Agile initiatives and teams more effectively.

Here are the highlights of this update –

Are you really following that Process?! Let our Adjacency Matrix tell you!

SwiftKanban Adjacency Matrix

Kanban says – ‘Start with what you have today.’  Teams adopting Kanban map their process on the Kanban board and start using it manage their work.  The reality is that many times, that process is really what they think they are following or they should. The actual process they follow may not be as faithful to that.

The new Adjacency Matrix in SwiftKanban helps you understand how much your team is really following the process on the Kanban board – and helps you make adjustments to improve!  It shows the movement of cards from one board column to the next, and with one glance you can find out:

  • – How many cards followed each step?
  • – How many cards moved backwards?
  • – How many cards skipped one or more process steps?

You can even drill-down on each number to see the actual cards that may have missed a step or two. A great Retrospective tool for your team to help it see where there is room for improvement or changes.

What’s Trending on your Kanban Board? The Tag Cloud tells you!

SwiftKanban tags helped you classify work – and filter the board to monitor work in each category.  The new Tag Cloud helps you understand what are the key drivers of your Board. Assign as many Tags to each card as you need. The new Tag Cloud metric gives you a visual feedback of the biggest drivers of your board – customers, technologies, specific themes, etc.

Wondering why a Tag looks so big? Just click on the tag – and see the full list of cards contributing to that Tag.

SwiftKanban Analytics Tag Cloud

What cards do we need to discuss this morning? Use Flags to identify!

In addition to Blocked cards, you now have Risk and Issues flags as well as a “Manual” flag to make your Daily Stand-ups more effective! If you want to discuss a specific card you can just flag it manually. If you’ve identified a risk or issue with a card – just mark it with a Risk flag and risk code or Issue code. Turbocharge your Daily Standups!

Unlike Blocked cards, flagged cards can be moved. You can also mouse-over on the flags or track the Board log to view flag details.

Collapse/ Expand Board Columns!

You can now collapse and expand parent and even child columns if they are vertically split within a parent column.  This allows you to hide sections of your board you don’t normally use and focus on what’s important to you.

Some other cool improvements we’ve made –

  • – You can customize your Analytics dashboard with the ability to add and remove widgets in the new analytics view, allowing you to track specific metrics that you want to track for your team.
  • – You can now expand the Card pop-up for full viewing of Description and Comments by dragging the right corner of the card.
  • – Updates to a card’s To-Do’s are logged in the Card Activity Log for tracking task activities such as New To-Do, Assignment of To-Do Owner, etc.
  • – Smart Lane selection in Status Reports by Cards and Team Members now enables tracking status for every Smart Lane separately.
  • – We have enhanced our Web Services for Add, Update and Delete To-Do items.

The release notes will give you more details on what else is new.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. If you have any questions or face any issues, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Thank you!

SwiftKanban Team

PS: If you like these new features, don’t forget to share this with your coworkers and friends!


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