SwiftKanban Features Update – January 2016

SwiftKanban Revamped UI

SwiftKanban has a new look. With the launch of version 4.0, we have not only improved the overall functionality and usability of the tool, but have also released the much awaited new User Interface. We’ve implemented a lot of changes based on your feedback.

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban v4.0

Revamped UI

We have introduced couple of refreshing yet vibrant UI themes for SwiftKanban that will not only enhance the visual appearance of the application, but also make your viewing more experiential. The new UI brings to you distinctive color scheme options, meaningful icons, better card designs, full screen view, and lots more.

Switch to the new revamped look (Modern view) by dragging the slider placed in the bottom of the Kanban board, or from the User menu on the top right of your Kanban board.

Swiftkanban Revamped UiRest assured, SwiftKanban will work the same way irrespective of any color scheme you select.

Customizable Card Display

Decide how a card should appear by defining the elements (such as profile image and footer) you would like to display on the card.

Customized Card Display

Adding Multiple Cards in One Go

Now you can add multiple cards on your Kanban board with just a click.

Right click on the Kanban board, select Add Card, enter details, and click Save & Next, to add as many cards you may want to. Click the ‘X’ icon on the top right corner to stop card creation.

Focusing on Smart Lanes

Does working with different smart lanes at the same time confuse you? Now you get to focus on the smart lane you prefer by clicking the icon.

Smart Lanes Focus

Activating Templates

Now the templates created by you will be considered as ‘Active’ by default. There is no need to activate a new template manually.

Graying Out Completed Cards

As soon as you mark a card as complete, it will be grayed out in the calendar, which will help you focus on the active cards.

Tracking Card Attribute Changes

Now you can monitor any changes made to the card attributes such as Priority, Due Date, Estimates, and others in the Board Activity panel. To enable this feature, select the Include Card Field(s) check box on the Board Activity Log window.

Did you like the new look and updated features of SwiftKanban? Feel free to reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]


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