SwiftKanban Feature Update – September 2017


We have introduced two new features with the SwiftKanban September update. We have also released Version 2.0 of our SwiftKanban mobile app. Please do check it out.

Below are the highlights of this update:

  • Creating Master List at the Board Level
  • Collapsible Header for Similar Lanes
  • Mobile App 2.0

Creating Master List at the Board Level

You can now create a Master list values for Risk, Issue and Block Flags, Reason code from the respective board itself.

Collapsible Header for Similar Lanes

With this new feature, you can now combine multiple lanes having the same column structure on a board.

SwiftKanban Mobile App 2.0

Enhanced UI for Android and iOS mobile App.

For detailed information about this update, please follow this link to our Knowledge base –  https://www.digite.com/knowledge-base/swiftkanban/article-category/whats-new/

If you are new to SwiftKanban, sign up now and check out these new capabilities! Also, do provide feedback on how you like this update and how we can improve further.

Happy Kanbaning!


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