SwiftKanban Feature Update Release – Sep 2016


The SwiftKanban team at Digité has released a major update recently with a view to support Enterprise Services Planning with Kanban. With this new update we have added the most sought out feature of customizing the information that a user can see on Kanban cards in the Kanban board view.

Here are some of the highlights of this update –

  1. Enhanced Portfolio Swim Lane– The Portfolio feature has been enhanced to a greater extent so that you have the flexibility of measuring and managing the progress of the parent-level cards based on three different parameters such as “Hierarchy”, “To-Do” and “Manual”.

  1. Setting Minimum WIP Limits – You can set both the maximum and minimum WIP limit of a column while configuring it in the Modify Process screen, and the same will be displayed in the board column.

  1. Customization of the card views on board– You can now capture specific, customized information of a task or work item in the custom fields of a card.

If you are new to SwiftKanban, sign up now and check out these cool new capabilities! Also, do provide feedback on how you like this update and how we can improve further.

Happy Kanbaning!


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