SwiftKanban Feature Update – Jan 2017

SwiftKanban Mobile App

Usually, the New Year comes with lots of new wishes and resolutions! The January edition of SwiftKanban brings joy and happiness by fulfilling some of your long pending wishes. Read on!

To-Do Board
When you work on a bigger task, you can break it down by using child cards or to-do items (tasks within a card) in SwiftKanban. These help to break large work-items into smaller, manageable chunks of work, and then prioritize and deliver them on a regular basis. To-dos are recommended when you want to limit the total number of cards you prefer to manage.

But, sometimes having too many work-items with so many to-do’s can make the whole workflow quite complicated, as there is always a chance of missing out just the very to-do’s which really need your immediate attention!

Enter the To-Do board – a new and visual way to manage your smallest of all tasks! It helps you visualize, monitor and manage all to-dos spread across all cards in a Kanban board within a single to-do board.

Swiftkanban To-Do Board

The To-Do board works as a real-time management and tracking board for sub-tasks. It extracts all the to-dos from various cards and based on their current status places them in three columns: To-Do, Doing and Done. You can also get a deeper insight of individual to-dos, as each of them will display their attributes like current state, applicable column, To-Do Owner and parent card id. No worries if you want to focus on specific to-dos, as the sort and filter option on the To-Do Board help you do that!

Swiftkanban To-Do

Wait, there is more…. the To-do List View!
If you are more comfortable with a list or grid view to manage all your tasks, you can even view them in a tabular format, where each to-do and its attributes are presented. You can filter them, or even export the list to the Excel or CSV format for the offline viewing.

Swiftkanban To-Do Board

We hope you are already using these features to better manage your myriad to-do’s. If you are not, do check them out!

SwiftKanban Mobile App – Release 1.2

We hope you are already using the SwiftKanban app. If not, why not give it a try today! (You can download it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play – just search for SwiftKanban.)
With the last release (1.2), we have introduced some cool enhancements that make the tapping and swiping even more dynamic! Some of the enhancements that we introduced in Jan release:

Swiftkanban Mobile App
• One time Sign-in so that you can stay signed in and get seamless access to the app.
• Cards now show both the card owner’s name and image.
• User profile menu has user’s image and the Logout option.
• Refresh card view option
• Improved app performance
If you have already been using the app, do take a moment to write a review on the app store. Thank you!

(Custom) Card Field Editor

Life just got easy for the SwiftKanban administrators in your account! The I-Form Editor now has a new avatar, called the Card Field Editor. The new version brings in ease and comfort of adding custom attributes for a card type using the tabular format. Now, any changes you want to make – attributes that you want to add, modify, reposition, set their field type, or make them mandatory- can all be done in the same table view. (In the older format, they were available through different widgets.)

Swiftkanban Custom Card Editor

Get detailed information on the new Card Field Editor on our Help page. If you are interested in learning about the old I-Form Editor, read this topic.

Hope you like the New Year bonanza! And let me assure you that our Feb update will be even more interesting. So, watch this space!

Subhajit Sengupta
Content and Communication Manager


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