SwiftKanban v. 3.5.5

SwiftKanban Analytics Widgets

We’re back with SwiftKanban ver.3.5.5 with some exciting new features.

Analytics Reloaded!

You now have access to all your charts in a single view. They can be resized and placed wherever you want. Also, individual charts now have their own filters that override the common filter.

Swiftkanban Analytics Widgets

Signing up for SwiftKanban just became a lot easier –

You can now sign up using an existing Google account making the entire process quicker and a lot simpler.

Board Playback!

You can now see the flow of cards over a given time period in an animated replay of events of your board. You can track the CFD and Resource Graph as a continuous flow or you can track one card at a time.

Swiftkanban Board Playback

This feature is still in beta. Do try it out and let us know what you make of it and how we can improve it.

Adding Cards gets Quicker

Adding a card now involves just three simple steps.
1) Right-click anywhere on the board and select ‘Add Card’
2) Select card type
3) Type in the title and hit ‘Enter’

Our charts pertaining to blocked cards now give you significantly more information. The chart now shows Total Blocked time instead of Average Blocked Time so that we can analyze the true metrics for blocking analysis instead of generalization. Earlier, only cards that were unblocked within the date range were considered in the chart, but it will now also consider cards that were or remain to be blocked beyond the Filter date range. It will also include cards that have been blocked/unblocked in any queue within the filter Start and End Lane. In short, you can now analyze what was the loss of productivity/ time/ value because a card was blocked during that time for any period of time.

SwiftKanban ver.3.5.5 brings with it a host of other improvements –
– Changing your license/ plans just got easier – you can now extend/ upgrade/ downgrade your plan from within the product in the ‘My Account’ section.
– Full-color faced card views now persist (select the option from the Legend)
– Users with ‘member’ roles now get access to more features

Do check out the release notes to see what else is new. Your feedback, as always, is welcome. If you have any issues, contact us at [email protected]


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Ravish Patel
Ravish Patel
8 years ago

The charts are amazing and I kind of love it. I also got the much awaited quick add feature which makes my process of migrating from other system easier and also I can quickly add the cards during discussions. Can I connect my existing account to Google?

Mahesh Singh
Mahesh Singh
8 years ago
Reply to  Ravish Patel

Thanks Ravish, glad you are liking it and it is helping your migration and general discussions. No, at this point, you cannot connect your existing account to your Google account. Good idea that we should consider for our roadmap!

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