SwiftKanban 3.4 is here!


We are back with another update to SwiftKanban – with some key feedback from our customers implemented!  Collaboration and staying current on your project just got easier and more fun!  Here’s a quick list of updates in this release.

Right-click to Add a new Card in a jiffy!

You can now right-click on any lane on the board and add a card directly to that lane.  Makes it easy to initiate a new card or work item, especially during Daily Standup meetings when something new comes up that needs to be done in relationship to an existing card or something new and urgent – or just to split up work into smaller cards.

Notifications get a big boost!

Choose specific lanes you want to be notified of!  You can now subscribe to the events for one or more lanes and stay updated with all the card movements happening in those lanes.

Get to know when someone responds to you!  Now you will get notified when any team member replies to a comment you posted on a card, even if you are not a card owner. Helps to stay in sync on views/ comments you posted on cards.

Choose an Alternate Email for Notifications! Don’t want notifications cluttering up your email? Now, you can choose to receive your board notifications on an alternate Email Id. Just click on the ‘Settings’ icon available in the Notification widget to enable this preference.

Other minor updates you will notice!

  • You can now view the Current Owner column in the Backlog and All Cards view and use it for filter/ updates.
  • The Export Reports CSV files have a more appropriate and intuitive name.
  • When you click on the ‘New’ Notification/ Inbox icons, the item count will disappear, even if you didn’t read them all.
  • A new ‘Mark all as read’ option is added in the Notification/ Inbox listing, to clear off all unread items.
  • We also changed the Notification icon to a better one – one that rings a bell 😉

We are sure you will like the improvements. We have exciting features lined up, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]or you can post them on the SwiftKanban Feedback page.

(You will find the release notes here along with some helpful screen-shots.)


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