BY Bhavesh Siddamsettiwar | November 7, 2017 | Blog

SwiftALM 2.4 is here! This release brings you an ECR module that has been optimized to generate ECR reports and ECR rules configuration significantly faster. It also has UI & UX enhancements in Dashboard, Planning Board, and Program Dependency Board.

Performance Boost for ECR Module

The ECR module has been optimized to make ECR configuration return faster results. So, your ECR reports will take much lesser time while processing large volumes of records and the time taken to re-generate ECR rules configuration on eForms will also be much faster.

Medium Sized Dashboard Widgets with Axis Details

The X & Y Axis along with the Axis Labels will now be seen even in Medium Size Widgets. This will help you get a better understanding of the widget data at a glance. The position of the widget’s name has also been changed to the top of the page card to maintain consistency with the widget inside page.


Full Screen Mode & Better Card Colors

Just like the Program Dependency Board, you can now view the Planning and Execution Boards in the Full-Screen mode. The card colors have also been improved to avoid misinterpretation of its color with the card’s state.


Other Enhancements:

  • No need of tags: your reply to Collaborate mail will get added as a comment.
  • Filter Panel will load in a collapsed state by default in Workitem level Timesheet.

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