BY digite | June 11, 2011

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I recently participated in a local Scrum event in Bangalore and shared my experience in trying to implement Scrum and later Scrumban within my current organization. I have shared the slides below. The event was hosted by SAP in their campus and had a keynote speaker who shared the information about Lean/ Scrum implementation @ SAP and how they are trying to transform the entire organization to a newer or “lean” way of software development.

It’s great to see such enterprises adapting to this new wave of software development. It will encourage a lot of other companies to try out such methodologies and share their experiences/ learning. The event had more than 40 participants from various companies like Mindtree, Aricent, SAP, Cisco etc.

There was an interactive talk from David Putman, a UK based consultant, and Srikanth Tadipatri.  Both are currently helping the Tesco India team to move to agile development and they shared their experiences on various topics/ issues related to scrum implementation.

The other 4 presentations, including mine, were in a “Pecha-Kucha” format ( a Japanese style, where a concept is presented in 6 mins, 20 slides, auto-timed for 20 seconds) themed around ‘Scrum: Success Stories’.

My talk was about our experience so far in implementing Scrumban – a combination of Scrum and Kanban and how it is helping us to work more effectively. It is hard to summarize the experience of over 2 years in 6 minutes (Pecha-kucha style is supposed to save people from ‘Death by Powerpoint’ ;)), but I hope I was able to put my points across.

Here’s a link to my presentation, do check it out and feel free to contact and we can discuss in detail.

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