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Navin Anand
Regional Director - UK & Europe
Navin Anand is a widely experienced business professional, a certified Kanban Management Professional, and a big fan of the Kanban Method. With a long global career in business technology, he has championed several transformations, working through dispersed and complex team structures, to improve targeted outcomes.

Blog Posts by Navin Anand


Extending Portfolio Kanban with Enterprise Services Planning

Transformation approach using the enterprise services view, balancing system demand with capability, planning and prioritization using a visual decision framework, using decision support analytics like probabilistic forecasting and cost of ...
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Kanban Card Hierarchy

Enterprise Transformation with Integrated Portfolio Kanban

Why this critical visual data integration can fail, tooling and features that need to be built in for success. In the first post of this series on Portfolio Kanban for ...
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Image of - Kanban Board

Visual Management of Enterprise Services

What are the merits of a Kanban visual integration layer and the necessary capabilities to deliver on this integration. With big changes happening “outside”, the need to change “inside” has ...
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