Digite Announces Free Use of Swift-Kanban for Non-Profits

Silicon Valley based Lean/ Agile ALM vendor Digité announced today that it now offers its leading Lean/ Agile Project Management software Swift-Kanban for use by 501(c)(3) organizations at no charge.

Making the announcement, Digite’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, JP Patil, said, “We have always been inspired by Mark Benioff and what Salesforce has done with the Salesforce.com Foundation. This is our first step to emulate the model they have created. There are many project management tools that are available but very few are feature rich while being really easy to use and even fewer are free. We believe that by giving Swift-Kanban to non-profits at no charge, they will be more empowered to do the good they do even better.”

Swift-Kanban leverages the Kanban Method developed by David J. Anderson to help organizations become more Lean and as a result deliver products and services more quickly and with higher quality. Kanban is a highly visual management method that can be adopted by organizations quickly and easily because it does not require a rigid process to follow. Kanban allows organizations to continue to work the way they have, but by visualizing how work is done and making incremental improvements based on visual cues, metrics and statistics.

Digite’s Director of Product Management responsible for Swift-Kanban, Nitin Ramrakhyani, said, “Kanban is great because it can be adopted by any team and can co-exist with any other processes or methodologies that they may already be following. Kanban adds a visual layer to any process that not only helps teams know who is working on what and what the status is of work but also helps them identify bottlenecks, resource mismatches and know ahead of time when projects are going to get delayed.”

While the concept of the Kanban Method has been adopted mostly by software organizations, Kanban can be used by any organization that wants to manage teams and work. Patil added, “We use Kanban to not only develop our software tools, but also to manage our finance team, our legal team and we are beginning to use it for managing our sales team. We see people using the personal version of Swift-Kanban to manage their own tasks within their families and we have even seen one person use Kanban to help his daughter get her homework done!”

Some of the key features of Swift-Kanban include a visual Kanban Board, with color-coded drag-n-drop cards, work-item classification, including Class of Service, WIP Limits definition, workflow stages, smart-lanes, To-do/ checklists as well as metrics, dashboards, and reports.

Swift-Kanban is a completely web-based product that offers a host of collaboration and control features such as discussion threads, audit logs, attachments, rich text editing, notifications, Inbox, role-based security. Swift-Kaban is available either as a SaaS offering or as an On-premise offering.

Digite will continue to offer Swift-Kanban as a free-for-personal use tool in addition to its paid offerings.

About Digite:

Digite, Inc. is a leading provider of Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) products and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. Digité Enterprise and Swift-Kanban are Digite’s flagship products that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digite provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digite is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

For further information, please contact marketing@digite.com or 650-210-3949 or visit SwiftKanban.com or Digite.com.

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