DigiConnect – 2012

We recently concluded our Annual AsiaPac customer meet – DigiConnect 2012, connecting our AsiaPac based customers in a highly interactive event that provided us a perfect opportunity to hang out with our customers, and for them to meet/ network with their counterparts and share ideas/ best practices around the implementation of Digité Agile ALM suite of products. The audience was a mix of our varied customer base, from our very first customer in India, KPIT Cummins to L & T.

The Engineering and Technology services giant and a recent addition to our marquee customer list!

We had a packed agenda, starting with a welcome address by our CEO A.V Sridhar (AVS), followed by a keynote and few customer presentations, Digite Update and wrap-up. Raghu Basavanahalli, VP-Sales, Asia Pacific, Digite, played the role of MC for the evening and while welcoming the customers mentioned a very interesting fact that all the total net-worth of all our customer organizations that were represented in the audience was approx $XXX bn. This was a big moment of pride for all of us at Digite and we thank all our esteemed customers for the unwavering support.

In his welcome address, Our CEO AVS highlighted that this was the 10th year of operations for Digite and shared interesting facts about our journey so far,from being a single product to a multi-product company, from facing the dot com burst to withering the economy downturn and all that without any external source of funding and just growing based on internal accruals. He thanked all the customers and mentioned that this was possible only due to the tremendous faith and support we have received from all our customers.

We started the sessions with a keynote from Jamuna Ravi, CEO, Pinovous Consulting on “Value Delivered vs Quality Delivered”, a very relevant topic for the current times when the focus on “value” creation/ delivery is becoming more and more important. We are also often asked by alot of our customers/ prospects to quantify the “value” that our software can bring to the table and we thought this keynote would be very apt to not just help us improve on showcasing better value in our engagements, but also help our customers to know various ways to make such a shift to “value delivery” in their respective organizations.

We also had three fantastic customer presentations, from three varied set of customers and all of them shared their valuable learnings and experience while implementing our product.

The first presentation was from Mr. Sagar Joshi, Lead Consultant, Sungard, who presented a brief case study on the successful implementation and roll-out of Digité Enterprise ALM tool a.k.a PLM at Sungard. Sagar shared that Sungard has grown through acquisition of almost 160+ companies and each brought their own set of processes and almost 150+ tools spanning across various lifecycle stages. It was impossible for them to push for a single standardized tool from day 1. So they spent alot of time in selecting the right pilot projects and configuring Digite Enterprise to suit their way of working. The idea was to make initial pilots smooth and successful so that those happy teams can spread the word and become their change agent and this strategy had really worked well so far. They used Digite’s organization modelling capability to simulate their highly complex organization structure in the product and configured reporting based on that. Sagar also shared how Digite Enterprise, with it’s highly flexible eForm framework and ECR( eForm Custom Reporting) framework have helped them to roll-out Digite to even their ITIS and Admin groups, who have in fact become power users of the product. Overall, it was a very very engaging and interesting presentation. I’m sure alot of our other customers took away some great ideas to implement in their respective organizations.

The next presentation was from Sivaguru S,VP- HCL who’s also among our first few Indian customers and shared how Digite Enterprise a.k.a PMSmart @ HCL is uniquely integrated with alot of other delivery management tools and has become an integral part of the process. He also shared how Digite helped them all through in different types of customer engagements. They also shared the customized solutions that they have built themselves, on top of the base product, including an iPhone app that helps their managers to approve timesheets even while being on the move.

The final presentation was from Harish Gupta, Sr. Manager -Quality, Sony India Pvt. Ltd, who also shared the story of their journey in implementing Digit Enterprise @ Sony India Ltd. Harish said they took a slightly simpler approach and start with a very few modules of Digite Enterprise, to ensure that the change is not adversely felt by their delivery teams and slowly started exposing more features. They have also started using other Digite products, including Swift-Kanban, the leading Kanban-based tool for few of their teams who are now looking to improve their process beyond Scrum.

Finally, I took my turn to present some of the cool stuff that we @ Digite Product Management have been working on and what lies ahead in terms of the product roadmap. At the end, I opened it for Q & A and had amazing interaction with all the customers. Alot of them had some good feedback/ suggestions on what we are doing and wanted to participate more actively in shaping up the product roadmap and we promised them to come out with some such platform that could help us reach out to them more often and mode deep.

We had a great time putting this event together, as well as, connecting with various customers, many of whom I met again or for the first time. It’s always a fantastic experience to meet your customers, listen to their feedback/ suggestions in-person, pick up sound bytes from all the interesting conversations going around and that could potentially trigger off alot of new ideas/ improvements in the product later. We have made alot of commitments to improve the product further, so it’s time to sign-off and focus on delivering those promises. 🙂 We sincerely thank all our customers who could make it to the event and made this a success.


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