Announcing Availability of SwiftKanban v2.4

Mountain View, CA

We are back again with significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.4:

Instant Board Updates

You can now receive instant updates for any changes made to the cards while you are viewing your Kanban board. This can be very useful for a distributed team to be in sync and to make decisions based on the recent changes.

In-App Tours

We have introduced a new paradigm for assisting new users in understanding the key features on any screen quickly, using in-app tours. For now, such tours have been added for two main screens and we’ll be adding these in more screens subsequently. Do take a look and let us know if these help you in understanding the application quickly.

Usability Enhancements

  • Linked Card view: Traverse through card links in the Linked Card view, which earlier showed only immediate links.
  • To-Do List: The To-Do list view has been improved significantly in terms of performance and usability. A status-wise count of To-dos is also added at the top, along with ‘% Complete’ value.
  • Card Deletion From Backlog/ All Card Views: You can now delete cards even from the ‘Backlog’ and ‘All Card’ views, making it easy to manage the cards from the same view.
  • User Deletion: You can now delete a user permanently, without having to delete him/ her from all the boards separately. Deleting the user from the ‘People’ view removes the user from all boards and sets current assignments as ‘Unassigned’.
  • Card Type Creation From Kanban Board: Account admin can now add a new Card Type from any Kanban board, for which you had to navigate to Admin>>Settings view. Though, any modifications to the Card Type added still need to be done from the Admin view.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Blocked Card Indicator now stays permanently on the card, to make it more visually visible.
  • Any attribute changes made to the Card Types are now recorded and available in ‘Activity Log’ view under Admin >> Card Types.

Check out the SwiftKanban release page for full details! Thank you all for motivating us and providing us valuable feedback which has directly contributed to most of these features!

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