Announcing Availability of SwiftKanban v2.3


Mountain View, CA

We are pleased to release SwiftKanban version 2.3 with a number of functional, usability and UI enhancements that are sure to make life easier for you in your Kanban journey!

The key areas of enhancements include the following –

More Usable Kanban Board

You can now resize the lanes on your Kanban board and make any lane wider or narrower and customize your board view. Linked cards can now be easily accessed via “Options” menu on cards. Other enhancements include the ability to edit Card comments and filtering the board by Due Date.

Improved Card Layout

Cards which have no resources assigned will not show any “avatar”, enabling quick identification of unassigned cards. Action links on cards are now hidden by default to give a better – more readable – view of the board. They will be visible when you mouse-over the card. Project Managers can now view “% Complete” and To-Do estimates for the card directly on the card.

Card Hierarchy Enhancements

SwiftKanban 2.3 provides you powerful Enterprise Kanban capability. Create card hierarchy with greater ease using pre-defined Card hierarchy/ card relationships that you can set up via the Admin module.

Metrics Usability Improvements

New filters based on card attributes “Class of Service” and “Size of Card” have been added in Lead/ Cycle Time metrics. Persistent Filters in metrics enable you to use the same filters in future, saving time for configuring filters during stand-up meetings!

Check out the SwiftKanban release page for full details! Thank you all for motivating us and providing us valuable feedback which has directly contributed to most of these features!

Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You can also post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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