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SwiftKanban Feature Update Release – Feb 2017

swiftkanban updateWe have released a new update for SwiftKanban which comes with several new features and enhancements. Highlights of this update includes: Adding card from backlog to board directly via hierarchy screen, Board and Team Wise Notifications, Simplified On Card Operation Navigation and much more.

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To see or not to see

To See or Not to See?

A genuine fear lurks while putting final changes to this article a few weeks before the 45th President of the United States takes office. Becoming the most powerful man on the planet is a fine example of a huge and successful project and his phenomenal success flies in the face of some key takeaways in this article. So, reader’s discretion is advised!

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Scaled Agile Framework - for Lean Software and System Engineering

Is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agile?

Kanban Method

Many industry experts have come out and pointed possible flaws in the Scaled Agile Framework. For instance, Ron Jeffries has expressed reservation over SAFe®’s approach to resolve inter-team dependencies by holding a multi-team meeting comprising of over 250 people.

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