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Why SwiftKanban

Benefits of Kanban: 300% Cycle Time Reduction!

Benefits of KanbanOver the last more than 18 months of steady-state usage of Kanban in our product management and engineering teams, we have achieved a number of dramatic improvements. Even considering that for us, it was – and is – a case of eating our own dog-food, these improvements are nothing short of incredible for a small product company where every minute, every dollar, every feature that is value to a customer, counts! So, we thought we should share our experience and benefits with the software and IT community in the hope that some of these will help you benefit as much or more than what we have been able to do. This post is the first in this series.

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Kanban’s Passage to India – with David Anderson!

David Anderson KanbanBetween Dec 16th and 21st, we had the pleasure of hosting David in India to meet a few key customers, Digité/ SwiftKanban employees, as well as host a local meetup in Bangalore (or Bengaluru!). We also took the opportunity to do several things – formally launch SwiftKanban for the India market, start the Limited WIP Society – India chapter and host a dinner with some key industry leaders that allowed them to have a closer interaction with David. It was a great experience for both us and David!

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Comprehensive ALM Tools Framework

7 Smart New Year ALM Resolutions for CIOs and Senior IT Execs

ALM While Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has become a topic of great discussion for middle-management, especially in Engineering organizations, it has largely remained a discussion on application/ software development and tool-chains.  Advantages to Developers and Engineering managers have been highlighted, however, the crucial business benefits that ALM has the promise to deliver to the organizations have yet to be clearly understood and espoused. So that these can become the very basis for effective ALM to be established and for the business benefits to accrue.

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Kanban for Wedding

My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban to the Rescue!

Tales of LeanThanksgiving each year is a big occasion for our family and friends – to get together and eat, drink and be merry – and of course, be grateful for what we have! Yet, right before that, during the days leading up to it, there is a sense of angst that builds up as one question occupies the hosts’ – and the rest of the people cooking (we always do it Potluck) – mind – “What shall be the menu for the Big Day??!!” While the thought of getting together and eating, drinking and being merry is everyone’s top priority, it is the what we will be eating and drinking that becomes the biggest factor in whether we will be merry or not!

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Kanban Board Design

Implementing Kanban? Start with Yourself!

While Kanban is an evolutionary (non-disruptive) change management process, the fact is that it requires a change in organizational and management practices and behavior that can be daunting.  The best place to begin that change is at a personal level.  We are deeply honored to have Jim Benson – the father of Personal Kanban – write a guest blog for us that emphasizes precisely that and helps you get started! Since Tonianne and I started writing about Personal Kanban four years ago, we’ve been gratified and amazed with both the rapid adoption and the expressiveness with which people create their boards.

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Writing your Blog using Kanban – Part #2

Kanban Last week I showed you how my example blogger friend manages his blogging and life using Kanban. So lets dig a little deeper, How do you do this yourself based on last week example? Why are you writing your blog? For fun? To put your thoughts down on virtual paper? To gain a reputation as the best carpenter in the neighbourhood? Our blogger from last week uses the blog as a means to an end. He wants to enhance his professional reputation, and get invited to lecture on his subject.

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DigiConnect – 2012

Tales of LeanWe recently concluded our Annual AsiaPac customer meet – DigiConnect 2012, connecting our AsiaPac based customers in a highly interactive event that provided us a perfect opportunity to hang out with our customers, and for them to meet/ network with their counterparts and share ideas/ best practices around the implementation of Digité Agile ALM suite of products. The audience was a mix of our varied customer base, from our very first customer in India, KPIT Cummins to L & T IES. The Engineering and Technology services giant and a recent addition to our marquee customer list!

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Why We Hate Process

Tales of LeanProcess improvement (PI) specialists have historically dealt with the challenge of implementing PI initiatives in any organization – especially the resistance to change from the people impacted by the change. Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great folks at Adobe, where among other people, we met Devin Rickard who is responsible for that exact same task at Adobe. His efforts and Kanban’s ability to enable evolutionary PI truly resonate. This guest post by Devin highlights the challenges of PI and exhorts us to re-focus and think about PI from the perspective of the main beneficiary of PI – the Customer!

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