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SwiftKanban Year-end update

Tales of Lean We’ve spent the last couple of months squashing bugs and improving SwiftKanban in every way possible. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added quite a few features too; here are the highlights. Use Your Facebook Account to Signup and Login to SwiftKanban! You can set up your SwiftKanban account using your Facebook account and use that to login to SwiftKanban. It’s as simple as clicking on the button.

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Flow State

The Flow State

This is a series of blogs of my thoughts on the most important of human endeavours, Work and its associated things like Productivity and Processes. This is third in the series. In this blog we explore the possibility of creating conditions for optimal experience at our work and jobs, more commonly referred to as “Flow State”. A lot of sports-persons and artists refer to it as “Being in the Zone” or “In the groove”. With “Flow” productivity is high, creativity is enhanced and it is a rewarding experience in itself. It increases well being and happiness.

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Risk of Delay

Does your Kanban Board tell you which cards are at Risk of Delay?

Kanban BoardWe’ve added a couple of new features and enhanced some existing ones to make SwiftKanban even more compelling to teams working with Kanban! Here is a quick rundown. Wouldn’t you love to have your Kanban board tell you what cards might be about to get delayed? SwiftKanban can now give you visual cue when cards may be at risk of delay! You can configure the number of days you want a card to be highlighted before the card’s ‘deadline date’. You can do this for different thresholds on different boards – this is a project level setting.

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10 Factors for your Kanban Board

10 Factors to Consider for your Kanban Board Design

While starting with Kanban may appear simple enough – after all, what can be simpler than ‘start with what you have’?! – modeling your first Kanban board does require some thinking and planning as it depends on a number of factors. Learn how do you design your first Kanban board.

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Requirements Management

Does your Kanban Board Reflect the Process you Actually Have?

Tales of LeanI’m sure most of us have seen the famous cartoon strip about requirements management – which highlights what the customer asked for vs. what they really wanted! The same applies to software or product development processes.  Most teams have a general idea of what their development process is or looks like.  In fact a lot of them have the processes well-documented as well (altho’ not many people might be able to find that documentation! But that is a different post.)

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SwiftKanban Aging Cards

SwiftKanban Features Update – August 2014

SwiftKanban Features We’ve added some new features and made quite a few enhancements to SwiftKanban over the past few weeks. This post details some of the highlights. Get a report of the ‘net’ work-time for each card while the card was in an ‘in-progress’ lane, and was neither blocked nor unassigned. This enables you to compare the actual work on a card to the initial estimation. Based on a lot of user feedback, the Card Aging view is now simplified to indicate the ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ cards.

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Scale Agile Across Project Teams

Has Kanban truly arrived for Project Management?

KanbanIn the last few weeks, I read 4 very interesting articles that underscore the value of using Kanban for Project Management, and yet represent two extreme ends of how Kanban is gaining recognition in this field. First, there was a series of 3 great blog posts by none other than our friend, philosopher and guide, and Kanban pioneer, David Anderson. Starting with the first one – “Project  Management with Kanban”, David has outlined very nicely how Project Management can truly benefit by using the various techniques, models and measurements that make effective use of historical data…

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Agile Tester Superman

The NextGen (Agile) “Tester”

Agile Tester As Agile gets larger acceptance across the (Indian software) industry, the (manual) testing community has been concerned about how it will impact them. They hear about developers doing testing, test automation and hence wonder – what role am I going to be play? Is this going to kill my job? The concern is natural given a general perception that in Agile, developers should be doing testing. This concern has been part of the resistance that some of the organizations are facing in adopting Agile thinking.

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SwiftKanban Analytics Tag Cloud

SwiftKanban Features Update – July 2014

SwiftKanban - Adjacency Matrix We have just updated SwiftKanban with some great features we’re sure you will like. We’ve incorporated a number of customer suggestions with this update and have introduced powerful new capabilities to help you manage your Kanban/ Agile initiatives and teams more effectively. Kanban says – ‘Start with what you have today.’  Teams adopting Kanban map their process on the Kanban board and start using it manage their work.  The reality is that many times…

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