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Tracking your Team’s Work with SwiftKanban

Swiftkanban Board Activity Log
One of the core Kanban principles is working with small batch sizes for achieving greater flow and output. In the context of software, this means small and continuous releases where you shorten the release cycle for faster time to market. As a development manager, it means that you need to continuously keep track of work being completed against the cards on the board and look for card updates from time to time. For any reasonable sized team…

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Stop Starting and Start Finishing

A Peek into the TC World Conference

Stop Starting, Start Finishing
February in Bangalore is warm. And it became warmer on 25 and 26 Feb, when more than 300 technical communicators and language professionals across the world hobnobbed with each other at the annual TC world conference, held at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. This annual event, jointly organized by #tekom and #TWIN, has gained tremendous popularity and wide-spread appreciation for creating a robust platform that promotes healthy discussion and insightful sessions on emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in the field of technical communication.

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Defect User Story

How to handle Defects found in User Stories during Development?

We often hear the question – In Kanban, what should we do if a User Story in Test column is found to have a bug that needs to be fixed? Let’s say the workflow is something like this: Todo -> Development -> Test -> Release. If a User Story has completed Development and moved to Test, and a tester finds a bug, what should we do to that User Story? Is it right to leave that User Story in Test and the developer should stop their current development work to fix this Defect first? If so, does this mean that developers must be interrupted all the time to clear the bugs found in Test?

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Cost Of Delay

Kanban – The Product Manager/ Owner’s BFF!

Of all the roles in a software or product development organization, I will argue the Product Manager’s (or Owner’s) job is the most challenging. On the one hand, the task of figuring out just what to build is complex and multifaceted. On the other hand, in any reasonably mature product organization, there is so much work that is going on and so much new demand, that the Product Manager can wish all they want in terms of product innovation and focus on the product roadmap, but failure and customer demand pretty much hijacks most of the Dev capacity in the organization.

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Lean Kanban ESP

2016 – The Year of Kanban and ESP

It’s been more than 10 years since the launch of the body of work that ultimately led to the Kanban Method for knowledge teams by David Anderson. During last month’s Lean Kanban India conference (the very first official Lean Kanban conference in India), which we were very proud to co-host and be a Title Sponsor of, David presented a journey down memory lane of 10 years of Kanban. During this period, Kanban, and the Kanban Method, have emerged, depending on who you talk to, as an “alternate path to Agility”, an alternative to Scrum, a way to improve your Scrum

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SwiftKanban Revamped UI

SwiftKanban Features Update – January 2016

SwiftKanban has a new look. With the launch of version 4.0, we have not only improved the overall functionality and usability of the tool, but have also released the much awaited new User Interface. We’ve implemented a lot of changes based on your feedback. We have introduced couple of refreshing yet vibrant UI themes for SwiftKanban that will not only enhance the visual appearance of the application, but also make your viewing more experiential. The new UI brings to you distinctive color scheme options, meaningful icons, better card designs, full screen view, and lots more.

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Tales of Lean/ Agile and Paired Sweeping in Bengaluru!

I was in Bangalore for a few days, in part to attend the Agile India 2015 conference.  The Sunday morning after the conference got done, I decided to go for a walk.  Instead of the picturesque Cubbon Park close by, I decided to go exploring the city.  In keeping with the Lean/ Kanban principles discussed at the conference, I decided to maximize flow – and turn in whichever direction the pedestrian crossings were open.  That immediately put me on Kasturba Road.  I thought fleetingly, “Of course, Kasturba Gandhi (Road) had to be next to her husband Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road!”

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Blog Post

2014 – A Great Year for Enterprise Agility!

As the year draws to a close, the overwhelming feeling at Digité is one of gratitude! It has been a momentous year for us here at Digité – and we have our employees, customers and partners to thank for that! During the year, we saw tremendous strides in our products SwiftKanban and SwiftALM – and a surge in their usage around the globe. This has been possible due to 3 key factors.

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